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Welcome to Euromed Clinic

Centrally located on Beach Road in Dubai, Euromed clinic is a premier medical center conceptualized as a one point family destination for all primary healthcare needs. Our aim is to offer quality medical expertise in a friendly and warm atmosphere. We offer a wide range of medical services, including Pediatrics; OB/Gynecology; Dentistry; Orthopedic; Psychiatry; Plastic Surgery; Family Medicine as well as Skin Care and Laser services.


Meet Our Doctors


What our patients say

  • I have been coming to Euromed clinic for the past few years. Both Rebecca and Janmae have conducted my treatment sessions for radio frequency, microdermabrasion, ultherapy and mesotherapy. I enjoy going to the clinic for a few reasons. First, both Rebecca and Janmae are very knowledgeable about the treatments they deliver and secondly the treatments have been very effective. I will continue to go to Euromed since: I am sure I will get the results I desire, the staff is very professional, and they do not believe in giving the consumer a massive sales pitch to sell more treatments. I would highly recommend Euromed clinic for a professional experience.

    Meg Klein, Skin Care and Laser More Testimonials

  • Dr. Miodrag is my orthopedic and he’s also attending for my family for the last 10 years. I like his "no nonsense” approach. He is extremely intelligent, a compassionate and caring person which made him a truly outstanding doctor and the fact that for him medical ethics is more important than the commercial aspect of the medical business which is rare here in Dubai. I always believe in his high professional knowledge and enormous experience.

    Basel Shakra, Orthopedics More Testimonials

  • I’ve been going to Dr. Sofia at EuroMed clinic to get treatment for receding gums. Something which seemed like a nightmare to me has been transformed into a pleasant, pain-free experience with the new laser treatment. There has been a huge improvement just after 2 treatments!! Dr. Sofia and her staff are very friendly and thorough. They go to great lengths to make the patient feel at ease. I would very gladly recommend her to my friends.

    Samina, Dentistry More Testimonials

  • I always have a very pleasant experience at EuroMed clinic. The staff is friendly and helpful, and go out of their way to attend to any queries and concerns. I have been taking my daughter to Dr Lali since she was a few months old and she is very attentive and has a way of making babies and children feel comfortable. My daughter looks forward to her doctor's appointments and to seeing Dr. Lali.

    Samar, Pediatrics More Testimonials

  • My experience with laser hair removal has been excellent at Euromed Clinic. The treatment is almost completely without discomfort. Underarms, thighs and calf result in very little sensation other than the cold air being blown on them during the treatment. Shins and ankles, which are nearer the bones, sometimes do experience the small pricking sensation but it is minimal and completely tolerable –it just leaves a small slapped feeling for a moment. Overall, the treatment sessions are relaxing, and the therapist and staff are always kind and caring. Results have been great.

    Shelly, Skin Care and Laser More Testimonials