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Get A Natural Look With Subtle Lip Filler

Fillers are a beauty-enhancing option known well among people ranging from everyday individuals with a sense of aesthetics to celebrities. Lip fillers are particularly more in demand than other dermal fillers. But why is that so? Well, lips tend to be one of the most prominent facial features. Not o...
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Can a Blood Test Detect Hair Loss

Can a Blood Test Detect Hair Loss?

Who doesn’t love a head full of sleek and shiny hair? There is no denying the fact that beautiful hair can create a lasting impression. Hairs on the head have a major contribution to your overall body aesthetics. Therefore, you need to be very careful with your hair care routine. In about 90% of m...
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PRP for hair loss

Results of PRP for Hair Loss

There are no health risks associated with hair fall, but it can be a major blow to your aesthetic appearance if not stopped timely. Active hair loss can lead to pattern baldness or complete baldness, which lowers your self-esteem. Nobody likes losing their precious natural hair and keeps on trying a...
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Best Treatment For Hemangioma

Hemangioma is a condition prevalent in infants where immature blood vessels accumulate and start growing rapidly. It appears as a bright red bump on the skin, which is also known as a “strawberry birthmark.” The size, location, and intensity of growth vary in hemangiomas, and they may also appea...
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Getting Rid of Keloids

The skin automatically heals once it gets injured. However, as an injured skin heals, some scarring occurs. There are several types of scars, and one of them is known as a keloid. A keloid is a thick raised scar that can be removed safely through the latest keloid treatment. If you wonder what a ke...
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Hair Falling

Reasons for Hair Fall in Dubai

An increasing number of people suffer from hair thinning, balding, or hair loss in the UAE. A percentage of people living in Dubai often complain that they struggle with chronic hair loss. But what is the reason behind it? Why do people experience hair loss in Dubai? Here are the actual reasons for ...
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Alopecia areata

Alopecia Areata: Causes and Treatment in Dubai

Alopecia areata is a hair loss type that affects both men and women and has different causes. The patients start losing hair in patches. For most of the victims of alopecia areata, a wig is the most convenient option. However, you do not have to limit yourself to a wig if you suffer from this [&hell...
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Birthmark removal

Birthmark Removal Without Surgery

People desire to have clear and flawless skin, but birthmarks have other plans. A birthmark is an area of discoloration on the skin that appears on your body right from birth and stays forever. This skin irregularity is common , and surgery is not the only option to get rid of it. There are non-surg...
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Wart removal

Warts Removal Cost in Dubai

Everyone wants to have radiant and flawless skin, but skin issues such as moles and warts can make the body stained and flawed. As a result, the affected person can feel self-conscious, and their self-esteem suffers. If you have warts on any body part, Euromed Clinic Center charges a reasonable pric...
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