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Chiropractors vs Osteopaths

Chiropractors vs Osteopaths

It’s hard for an average person suffering from back pain, knee pain, or shoulder pain to spot the difference between an osteopath and a chiropractor. Both seem like doing the same job and providing the same services as both deal with muscle pain. However, there is a difference between a chirop...
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Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone is Safe

Everybody wants to stay active and healthy throughout their life, but the biological clock does not stop. As you age, the body reduces the number of growth hormones it produces, leading to aging signs. You start experiencing decreased muscle and bone mass. In such circumstances, synthetic human grow...
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Cancer Screening

Types Of Cancer Screening Tests

You may know there are different stages of cancer and early detection is crucial to treat the disease. Cancer has minor symptoms at the beginning, which worsen and become more dangerous to your health as the disease progresses. Therefore, it is best to diagnose cancer at an initial stage. Different ...
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IV Vitamin Therapy Drip

Vitamin Drips For a Better Life

The human body needs vitamins and minerals to perform essential functions. IV vitamin therapy is the most effective method to transfer nutrients to the body because it bypasses the digestive system. In this way, the essential vitamins, minerals, and medications enter the bloodstream directly. IV vi...
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How Much Heavy Metals Hair Test Cost

Heavy Metals Hair Test Cost

One of the growing threats to human health is the heavy metal toxicity caused by increased pollution and chemicals. As the level of toxic metals increases in the body tissues and brain, severe developmental and neurological damage can occur. Therefore, to detect the exposure of your body to toxic an...
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5 Examples of Hormone Imbalance

Maintaining a healthy weight may require you to look beyond your diet and fitness plan. As we age, gaining weight seems a lot easier for many of us – and it actually is. One of its reasons can be hormonal imbalance. Hormone depletion is a major issue in humans, and it all starts after the [&hellip...
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Cure diabetes in less than two months!11

Cure diabetes in less than two months!

According to the International Diabetes Federation, by 2035 the number of people with type 2 diabetes in the UAE is projected to increase by 96.2%. That’s a sobering thought, isn’t it? But forget the wider statistics for a moment: what does this really mean for you? While genetics certainly play...
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