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Chiropractors vs Osteopaths

Chiropractors vs Osteopaths

To an average person suffering from back pain, knee pain or shoulder pain, it’s hard to spot the difference between an osteopath and a chiropractor. Both of them seem like doing the same job and providing the same services as both deals with muscle pain. However, there is a difference a chiropract...
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leaky gut syndrome

The Truth About Leaky Gut Syndrome

Mystery surrounds leaky gut syndrome as some doctors do not consider it a real condition. The truth is; this abnormality may exist in most of us (to some extent) Is leaky gut syndrome a real condition and how common is it? This blog post explains how serious a leaky gut condition can be and the [&he...
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Bioidentical hormone replacement

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: Benefits & Side Effects

Have you ever gifted anything to yourself? Yes, yourself! With many advantages, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can be the best gift you can give yourself. This blog post explains the benefits and side effects of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Continue reading to know how you can...
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Food intolerance symptoms

Food Intolerance Symptoms and Treatment

Allergic reactions to food can be life-threatening and some people die due to them, writes the FDA. Having in-depth knowledge about food intolerance and food allergies can make people much safer. How do you know it is food intolerance? Does the food intolerance test work? This blog post explains the...
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Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone is Safe

What if you could turn back the biological clock? Most of us crave for staying young and healthy for whole life but the biological clock just cannot stop. What if a simple treatment can help you live a better life? Human growth hormone therapy promises to repair the damage caused by the natural agin...
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Hangover IV Nutrient Therapies

IV Nutrient Therapy For Hangovers

These drips help people achieve mental, physical wellbeing silently. What are hangover IV nutrient therapies and how they can improve mental and physical health? This blog post explains how IV nutrient therapies solve hangovers and similar other problems. If you are battling a similar problem, this ...
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Gut Syndrome

Symptoms and treatment of leaky gut syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome digestive disorder that affects the lining of the intestines. What leaky gut syndrome and what are its symptoms? Is it possible to treat this problem? This article discusses the leaky gut syndrome briefly. Continue reading to find out about its symptoms and options to treat it. Wh...
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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Is Safe

Bioidentical hormones are better than traditional hormones and hormone replacement therapy delivers better results if we use these forms of hormones.Is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy safe? Using this type of hormone is totally safe. This blog post explains how safe bioidentical hormone rep...
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Most Common Food Allergies

Important Food Allergies

The human body takes some time to adjust to a particular lifestyle, environment, or diet. Foods do not generally cause any health issue yet some people face problems when they eat specific foods. Some foods make the immune system to react and cause symptoms. Proper diagnosis can help people avoid th...
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