Five Foods for Fitness Freaks By Admin
Five Foods for Fitness Freaks

As anyone familiar with my philosophies will know, if there is one thing I like to stress when it comes to health and fitness, it…

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5-Examples-of-Hormone-Imbalance-That-Make-Losing-Weight-so-Hard By Admin
5 Examples of Hormone Imbalance

5 Examples of Hormone Imbalance That Make Losing Weight so Hard Maintaining a healthy weight may require you to look at a lot more than…

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Anti-Stress & Antioxidant Infusion By Admin
Anti-Stress & Antioxidant Infusion

For the slightly stressed – Euromed Clinic – Anti-Stress & Antioxidant Infusion- AED2,700 Stressed? That would probably be most of us around this time of…

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By Euromed
2016 World Diabetes Day is coming up: stay diabetes free, stay healthy!

If diabetes were an infectious disease, medical practitioners everywhere would say we’re in the midst of a serious epidemic. The reality is that diabetes is a deadly disease that’s striking an ever-growing number of adults and unfortunately, affecting teenagers and children too. Almost 20% of the population in the UAE is living with diabetes…

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Toxins By Euromed
Toxins: The modern day impediments

Much of modern life these days consists of keeping up with our fast paced lives with conveniences available at every corner. These conveniences exist in…

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