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5 Ways to Keep Your Allergies Under Control – Naturally

Sadly, allergies have reached epidemic proportions in today’s world. Itchy eyes, excessive sneezing, mucus build-up, rashes and congestion are just a few of the symptoms that many of us suffer. Meanwhile, there seems to be a never-ending selection of pills, sprays, lotions and drops available ...
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Skin Trying About Your Health

What Skins Indicate About Your Health

What is Your Skin Trying To Tell You About Your Health? Living in the UAE probably means that you already pay attention to your skin, with the aim of getting the balance just right when it comes to healthy sun exposure. But vibrant skin isn’t all about the sun. Because the skin regenerates its...
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Antibiotics: Could They Do More Harm Than Good?

There’s no doubt that antibiotics save millions of lives each year, and either you or your family members will almost certainly have taken them in the past. But such is their widespread use or – let’s be honest – over-use, that it may not be too long before that common infection or minor...
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Why a Healthy Libido is Good For Your Wellbeing1

Why a Healthy Libido is Good For Your Wellbeing

When it comes to sex, having a fulfilling, physical relationship doesn’t just make you feel good, it actually does you good as well. A US study carried out on over one hundred college students found that the more frequent their sexual activity, the higher their levels of salivary immunoglobin....
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How to Lose Fat By Getting Your Hormones in Balance

How to Lose Fat By Getting Your Hormones in Balance

When it comes to losing weight, you’d think that eating a healthy diet and exercising would have it covered, right? So why is it that, despite all your best efforts to eat well and stay fit, those stubborn pounds just aren’t shifting? The truth is that while what you eat and how often you ex...
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5 Disease-Fighting Foods

My regular readers have now surely gotten the message about what foods we need to avoid. And so as not to sound like a nagging spouse, in this article I am not even going to mention even a single bad food. Instead, I am going to build on a theme we started last week with […]...
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Food Allergies

Although many believe that food allergies and food intolerances are a similar thing, they are in fact very different health conditions with widely varying reactions. Intolerance to certain food groups is caused by the inability to digest or process the food, often caused by the lack of appropriate e...
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Great Expectations

Great Expectations From Non-Surgical Cosmetics Treatments

When opting for any non-surgical treatments make sure you are aware of the treatment expectations. Non-surgical treatments are very effective when used for the correct indication, patient expectations must be addressed during the consult so that an honest and practical assessment can be made. Cosmet...
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