How Obstetric Ultrasound Works By Admin
How Obstetric Ultrasound Works

250 babies born every minute somewhere in the world, according to an article published by The Guardian. Hundreds of thousands of women may get pregnant…

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Labiaplasty By Admin
Cost of Labiaplasty

Research shows people feel better if they have a positive body image. On the contrary, a person does not feel good if she or he…

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Routine Gynecology Visit By Admin
Who Needs Routine Gynecology Visit

Women go through different changes at different points in their life and it is necessary to seek professional help to avoid health risks. A woman…

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Pragnancy By Admin
Dealing with Pregnancy Complications

People have different views about pregnancy but there are risks no matter how careful you are. In some cases, risks are higher and professional help…

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STD By Admin
What Women Need to Know about STDs ?

Have you put your health on your priority list? When was the last time you checked for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)? Different STIs or STDs…

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