Do not be worried if you have Gingivitis (gum disease). You can try Gingivoplasty which is an inexpensive and valuable surgical treatment to remove gingiva or gum tissue.

How much does it cost to have this treatment? What factors do influence this treatment’s pricing? Let’s discuss cost estimates and factors that influence the pricing.

Gingivoplasty cost
How much does a Gingivoplasty cost? This blog post explains how much Gingivoplasty costs. If you are interested in taking this treatment, this topic tells you how much it is going to cost.

Understanding Gingivoplasty

Some people experience gum recession due to gum injury, aging, gingivitis, or bacterial infections. Dental surgeons suggest gingivoplasty to overcome gum recession problems.

It is a surgical procedure that normally takes 30 to 60 minutes. One session is enough for some people but some people may have to take two or more sessions to complete the procedure.

Cost of Gingivoplasty

The price is determined by checking the nature of the problem because each individual comes with a different concern.

The cost of having this treatment would not be too high if a person wants to have it for 2 teeth. However, if a person needs it for more than 2 teeth, the cost will rise accordingly.

This treatment is mostly performed on aesthetic grounds and your insurance company may not cover it under a medical insurance plan (if you have any).

But do not worry; your health insurance plan will surely cover it if you are undergoing this procedure due to a mouth injury and periodontal disease.

What Factors Affect Its Cost?

This treatment may cost a different amount in different cities within a country. The pricing fluctuate due to the following variable factors:

  • Your geographic location
  • The expertise of your surgeon
  • Number of teeth that need treatment
  • Nature of problem (treatment session)

This treatment is not too expensive and our doctor can share our rates if you visit us for a brief consultation. To save time, please book a slot for a checkup before you pay us a visit.

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Choosing the Right Surgeon Is Important

If you have any of the issues discussed above, you should consult a dental surgeon to know whether you are a good candidate or not.

One of our experts would love to answer your questions. Please book an appointment to know how much we charge for it.