In today’s society it’s not enough to have just “healthy” teeth; patients now desire aesthetically perfect smiles that are in harmony with their facial characteristics and personalities.

Therefore dental practices have to move beyond traditional techniques towards conceptual artistry in order to meet the aesthetic expectations of people. Not excluding the sweeping impact of technology, modern dentistry now brings to you the revolutionary concept of Digital Smile Design.

Based on the analysis of a patient’s facial and dental proportions and with the help of high resolution digital photos and videos, dentists are able to gauge a deeper understanding of the relationship between your teeth, gums, and lip and the rest of your face. Every one’s face physically expresses emotion differently and therefore no two patients’ smiles are alike.

 Digital Smile Design

This is why Digital Smile Design offers a unique solution to patients allowing them to be the co-designers of their own smile makeover. Based on your desires, you are actively involved in evaluating, planning and executing your smile in a precise and predictable way. Best of all, you get to actually see how your new smile will look on you!

The process is such where your dentist will first take photos and videos of your entire face to visualize and analyze your smile in relation to other facial features and their movement when expressing emotion. Digital drawings are then made based on these photos to record measurements that translate to the desired characteristics of your smile. Using these measurements, a mould of your new teeth is fabricated and you can wear and test this mock up smile, share any concerns, expectations and the treatment plan that will follow.

In order to achieve the desired goal, only once you are satisfied with the trial smile, will the real work on the final product begin. Emphasizing once again, that you are seated in a first class seat of designing your own smile and you are left with no surprises at the end.

Digital Smile Design brings a new angle to the field and that is Emotional Dentistry. It really is a new exciting conceptual tool that gathers the emotional response from people as they try on their new smile. By tapping into the psychological and physiological aspirations of the urban society, the dental profession continues to evolve and reflect the needs and desires of people with a more humanistic and artistic approach.  Moreover, it capitalizes on the current trend of customization in consumer behaviour, providing patients with a personal experience and product that is unique to their taste and personality.

Cosmetic dentistry in Dubai is becoming increasingly popular, shaping up an artistic dental vision and harnessing new technology that design bespoke digital smiles. At Euromed, we are proud to offer our Digital Smile Design services that incorporate a modern approach that achieves functional yet aesthetic dentistry with higher efficiency and quality treatment.

With Dr. Sofia as one of the best dentists in Dubai, she is a specialist in Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry and is trained in the many facets that are associated with developing a smile that goes beyond traditional dentistry. She goes out of her way to provide you with the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Dr. Sophia along with the Euromed team, provide you a dental experience that connects with you on an emotional level, through visual communication and real care.

We’re in the business of transforming smiles by linking design to function. Visit us for a free consultation today!