A beautiful smile is usually associated with pearly white teeth and healthy pink gums. But the quality of your smile can be severely impacted if left untreated.

Since the gums are the visible frame around your teeth, gum discoloration can have a negative impact on the overall aesthetics of your smile, as well as your self-confidence.

But no worries! Cosmetic dentistry in Dubai now uses advanced laser technology to provide gum depigmentation treatment for healthier, happier gums.

But why do I have darker gums?

Just like how skin colour can vary, so can gum colour. A natural reason that a person may have darker gums is due to the increased production of the skin pigment, melanin in the body.

Other causes for dark gums include smoking, side effects from certain medications, effect of amalgam fillings on the gum and acute dental conditions such as periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Where can I find the best treatment for gum depigmentation?

At Euromed, Dr. Sofia Aravopoulou leads the team as the highly trained specialist in laser dentistry, Dubai. Given her indisputable expertise and impeccable credentials, Dr. Sofia is one the finest dentists in Dubai who brings you the latest and best technology for gum depigmentation.

With Euromed’s laser technology, Dr. Sofia offers an effective and safe treatment for altering melanin pigmentation in the gum tissue, producing the desired look of pink gums. Dr. Sofia’s uses her knowledge, expertise and personal care to help patients overcome their feeling of self-consciousness about their smiles, instead giving them healthy-looking gums!

A primary consultation is required to make sure the patient is a good candidate for the procedure, and to ensure that the gum tissue is healthy and without gum disease before treatment begins.

What are the benefits?

Our laser technique produces the same long-lasting results as traditional surgeries, including the ability to stop and reverse the effects of gum disease. It is quick and virtually painless, requiring no cutting or sutures. Patients only need the aid of topical anesthetic and once done, can expect to resume their normal activities immediately. The procedure is considered permanent and should last for a long time, depending on the patient’s lifestyle and personal dental care.

So are you ready to overcome your self-consciousness and feature your new smile? Book an appointment with Euromed today, one of the best dental clinics in Dubai.