The human teeth have a variety of uses; we chew food and smile using our teeth. Unfortunately, teeth can often suffer from different infections if we do not take proper care of them. Dental fillings help repair a decayed tooth. There are pros and cons to every type of filling. Please continue reading to learn the pros and cons of the most notable types of dental fillings.

Dental Fillings

Understanding Dental Fillings

Dentists may suggest having a dental filling when it comes to controlling the tooth decay. There are four main types of dental fillings: gold, composite, silver amalgam, and ceramic. All of these fillings try to prevent the spread of tooth decay. These different types differ in terms of longevity and appearance. Here are the pros and cons of these four types of dental fillings in Dubai.

Silver Amalgam

It is durable and it can last for a few years if maintained properly. On the other hand, it does not cost much.
It contains mercury which is not good for health. Its color does not match the color of the teeth; so it looks strange. If you are worried about people asking “what’s in your mouth,” do not go for it.

Gold Dental Fillings


These are the most durable and safe type of dental fillings in Dubai. It looks good and it helps tooth avoid further damage.


One drawback is that they are expensive. Moreover, it also does not match the color of the teeth. Making a filling out of gold requires special expertise as it should not be too abrasive to the opposing teeth. Furthermore, the services of the professional for this kind of filling also cost more.


These are famous for their natural-looking appearance. It matches the color of the teeth; no one can detect it. Also, they are durable and last longer.
A special dental technician prepares it; thus, the cost of professional services is high. The change of color occurs because the material pales with the passage of time. It is hard and it can cause damage to the opposing teeth if not properly placed.

Composite Fillings

These are the most common dental fillings due to their affordable price. Another reason for their fame is that their color is similar to the color of the teeth. This material can be easily replaced when it is damaged.
Unlike other types of dental fillings, composite fillings do not last for a long time. Additionally, they can get stained with the passage of time.

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