The presence of mercury in dental fillings comes with certain risks, and given this knowledge, mercury-based fillings should be removed with great care. It is essential to adopt a safe protocol for mercury amalgam removal because it releases vapours even during the removal procedure. Getting exposed to these vapors is harmful to the human body. Therefore, a technique known as SMART has been introduced for safe mercury amalgam removal.

SMART is an abbreviation of “Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique.” It is a dental amalgam removal standard introduced by The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). IAOMT is a professional body for standardization in dentistry. 

This blog post explains the benefits of SMART and why you should have it.

Understanding the SMART Method

SMART or safe mercury amalgam removal technique is the latest standard for removing dental amalgams, ensuring no exposure to mercury vapours. With the help of seasoned and experienced dentists, SMART has been designed to meet the highest possible safety standards.

SMART is nothing but a detailed set of recommendations from IAOMT that guides dentists on removing mercury amalgam from the teeth in the safest possible way. This protocol is a one-of-a-kind technique for dental filling removal, and licensed dental professionals can make changes to it according to an individual’s requirements.

Dental Amalgam Removal

Why Should You Try SMART?

Considering the high risk of mercury proliferation inside the mouth and into the outer environment, SMART is better for the following reasons:

  • You will be confident about your safety while having mercury and other metals removed from your teeth. 
  • This method ensures that particles or vapors of mercury do not proliferate during the removal.
  • This procedure tries to remove each and every particle of mercury safely from the teeth/mouth. 
  • The tooth filling is replaced with a composite material that looks and feels just like a natural tooth. 

How does SMART work?

While performing mercury amalgam removal using SMART, the dentist and the staff wear protective gowns, activated charcoal masks, and gloves to avoid mercury contamination. The patient’s face and body are also covered, and their mouth is sealed with a non-latex dental dam. The saliva injectors are inserted under the dam, and a nasal mask is given to the patient to avoid mercury inhalation and deliver oxygen for breathing.

Thin drills are used to remove mercury in a single large piece, reducing the risk of breaking mercury into smaller particles. In addition to this, a large quantity of water is utilized to reduce heat during the procedure. The dentist uses a high-speed evacuation device to gather mercury particles without letting them spread into the surrounding environment.

The Final Word

Dental filling procedures must be performed carefully, and following the SMART standard can ensure the patient does not inhale any particle of mercury. If you want to try SMART or need more details about this treatment, one of our dental surgeons can help. Please call us on our provided number or fill our online form to book an appointment.