Often times, people are not lucky enough to be born with straight and perfectly aligned teeth. The orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that offers different solutions to fix alignment issues. Different types of dental braces are used to straighten and align the teeth to suit the person’s bite. If you are looking for braces for teeth, here are different types of dental braces and which one will suit you. Please continue reading to learn more about it.

Significance of Dental Braces

The teeth are important for all of us not just because they help us chew the food but they also enable us to smile. Unfortunately, the teeth alignment problems cause difficulty in chewing food and smiling. To deal with such issues, dentists use braces to straighten the teeth.


Due to advancement, there are different types of dental braces nowadays. Some braces for teeth are more effective than the others but all have their advantages. Here is how many types of dental braces one can choose from.

Types of Dental Braces

Dentists and orthodontists have been using dental braces for a long time. Let’s discuss notable types of dental braces.

  • Traditional Braces

You might have seen this kind of metal braces. This type is the earliest one but has progressed over the years. These braces are made of high-grade stainless steel. The metal brackets of such braces are attached to each tooth with the help of a cement.

  • Ceramic Braces

The brackets are made of a ceramic material in ceramic braces and it works just like the traditional braces. Unlike the traditional metal braces (with normal steel color), these braces have a tooth-like color which makes them less noticeable.

  • Damon Braces

The demon braces have become popular worldwide due to their significance. This type has become famous because it requires fewer dental visits and provides gentler treatment. It is a self-ligating one and it uses a slide mechanism to connect the archwires.

  • Clear and Removable Aligners

This type of braces are not fixed; one can remove them and wear again. The other feature is; t they are transparent and less noticeable. A company make such braces under the name “Invisalign.” These are custom-made braces that are prepared for an individual.

  • Forsus Appliances

Different forsus appliances are used to fix the overbite issues in little children. Using it at an early age helps children overcome the issue easily. The forsus appliances have replaced the use of headgear for braces.

  • Palatal Expanders

Such braces for teeth are recommended to the patients with overcrowded teeth. The other option to fix overcrowded teeth is to extract the tooth or teeth. This option allows people to fix the problem without tooth extraction.

Choosing the Right Braces

It is important to go for the right dental braces to get the desired results. When you choose the right option, you face less discomfort and get what you want. The orthodontists at the Euromed Clinic Center Dubai can guide you which one will be good for you. So book an appointment now and let our doctor see how your teeth are doing.

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