The teeth are necessary for all of us because they perform important functions. If your child still has baby teeth, it does not mean she or he does not need a root canal. There are some signs that indicate a child needs a root canal. Here is how to know if your child actually needs a root canal treatment.

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Understanding Root Canal Treatment

We need teeth to chew and smile every day and both of these functions of the teeth are quite important for all of us. A minor tooth or teeth infection can cause severe problems for us. A tooth can decay due to infection and if this decay is severe, a dentist can perform the root canal treatment to remove the injected root and pulp to save the rest of the tooth.

Child root canal

In a typical root canal, a dental surgeon drills a hole in the decayed tooth and removes pulp followed by removal of infected roots. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and it is normally performed in two sessions. It is necessary to take action immediately because leaving the tooth untreated can only complicate the issue. Timely action can save the tooth and jawbone from major damage.

Signs Your Child Needs a Root Canal

We have to use our teeth every day and we can observe and experience any problem with them. If a child needs a root canal, she or he will experience different symptoms that indicate the need for a root canal. In general, the person feels sharp, dull, and intense pain due to the tooth decay.

In some cases, the pain can be throbbing and changing. You should visit our dentist if your child complains about the pain. Actually, having pain only does not mean the child needs treatment. Other signs such as gum swelling or tenderness may also exist due to the infection.

A pimple-like sac of pus also exists for some children. A severe infection due to a decayed tooth can result in fever, malaise, and swollen or tender lymph nodes. The list below highlights some important signs that show that the person needs a root canal treatment:

  • Asymmetry
  • Dark tooth color
  • Soft tissue changes
  • Signs of drainage from infection

How to Know if Your Child Does Not Need it?

There are different tests that can indicate whether a child truly needs a root canal treatment or not. All of these methods of testing are quick and simple. The simplest test is a repercussion test where the dentist taps on the tooth with a tool. If this mild tapping causes pain, it is a sign of infection and decay.

The X-ray of the tooth can also be obtained to know exactly what is going on in there. Obtaining the X-ray of the tooth is quite easy and quick; it causes no pain to the person. Moreover, your professional can also use thermal testing to judge the nature of the problem.

There is another testing technique known as electric pulp test where a dentist takes electric pulp tester near the suspected tooth; it passes current to the tooth to check the vulnerability. The list below highlight the techniques used by dentists to make sure if a root canal treatment is required:

  1. X-ray
  2. Thermal test
  3. Electric pulp test
  4. Repercussion test

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