You may not know how you got warts. It is a viral skin problem that spreads through direct contact with the affected area. People mostly do not take them seriously because there are no health risks associated but it is important to determine if it is warts or something else. Mean to say, the warts are a common skin disorder that may indicate a bigger underlying problem. Here are the top ten frequently asked questions. Continue reading to learn more.

How Do You Get Warts?

It is a viral skin infection that occurs when a body part comes in direct contact with an infected body part. There can be different reasons behind warts. The injured or broken skin is more likely to get them. It is because of the reason that the virus enters the skin easily.

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The dermatologists are not sure about the actual causes of warts. However, it has been revealed by the research that some people are more likely to get warts. For example, children and young adults are among the most sufferers.

Are Warts Contagious?

Yes, warts are contagious and spread if the infected skin area becomes in direct contact with another skin area. The clothes, towels, or other things that have touched the infected area can also spread the virus.

Can I Spread Warts from One Part of My Body to Another?

Yes, you can spread warts from one part of your body to another. If you have touched the infected area, you should properly wash your hands.

Why Do Some Warts Have Black Dots in Them?

The warts often have little seeds like black dots that are a proof of warts getting oxygen and nutrients.

Can Warts Be Prevented?

As the actual causes of warts are not known, it is not possible to stay 100% safe. However, a person can just take some steps to minimize the risk of getting warts. The best way to prevent them is to keep the body (especially hands), and clothes clean. One should keep the inured and cut skin area clean so that no virus can infiltrate. It is a good idea to avoid using towels, and other shared items at a public place.

Will Warts Go Away On Their Own?

The infection may end itself but it is good to have it checked by a dermatologist to be on safer side because warts can take a long time to end.

When Do You Need to See a Doctor About Warts?

Once diagnosed as warts, one can consider over-the-counter products because they have been found effective. If such products do not work for two months, there are other ways to get rid of them.

What Are Some of the Most Effective At-Home Wart Treatments?

There are some options to cure them at home but treating warts at home can be risky and doctors suggest having it treated by an expert. Please contact us now to know your warts removal Dubai options.

How Will a Doctor Treat My Warts?

Well, doctors use a variety of techniques to fix the warts problem. The choice of treatment depends on the location, size, and color of warts. At the Euromed Clinic Center Dubai, our experts use the most effective ways to solve this problem.

One of the options is to freeze (known as cryotherapy) the wart by using liquid nitrogen. Another common option is to burn it off carefully. The dermatologist can perform surgery as well to cut the infected area. Some professional prefer cantharidin and laser treatment. The use of over-the-counter products is also an option.

If you have warts, book an appointment to know your options.

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