The human body keeps making and eliminating cells normally and abnormally. Hemangiomas are non-cancerous growths of blood vessels that are a common type of growth in children.
What is the best treatment for hemangioma? Let’s discuss the best option to remove it. This blog post discusses safe, simple and effective options to remove hemangiomas.


Options To Remove Hemangioma

You can try any of the following options if you want to have hemangiomas treatment in Dubai


  • Oral Propranolol: Its usage is quite common when it comes to treating hemangiomas. Hemangeol is oral propranolol that was approved by the FDA in 2014.
  • Topical Beta-Blockers (Timolol Gel): In the case of superficial and small hemangiomas, topical beta-blockers can be used. It is important to use it properly and only healthcare provider can perform it properly.

Corticosteroid Medication

This medication can be used to reduce the pain and growth of hemangiomas. Corticosteroid is injected into the hemangiomas with the help of a syringe. In the past, systemic steroids had been used as a treatment option but they are not now. A person who does not want to try beta-blockers can try this option.

Laser Treatment

To remove hemangiomas from the surface of the skin, laser treatment may be tried. The redness of the skin growth can also be reduced using laser treatment. This option is normally safe and does not have long-term or/and major side effects.

Medicated Gel

This option costs more than all other options because the medicated gel (e.g. Regranex) used in this procedure is expensive. Chronically ulcerated hemangiomas can be treated using this option. Before you try it, you should discuss its side effects with your doctor.


It is possible to remove it through a minor surgery if its size is small. In case it is large in size, another option can be tried.

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Key Takeaways

In short, it is possible to remove or make hemangiomas less noticeable through a simple treatment. This skin abnormality can be similar to other skin marks; proper diagnosis is of utmost importance.
You can consult our skin specialist if you want to remove your hemangiomas. Use our contact number or online form to discuss your matter with us.