People want to have flawless skin but birthmarks have other plans. But do not worry; the Euromed Clinic Dubai has got you covered. This skin irregularity is common all over the world and surgery is not the only option to get rid of it. Look for the non-surgical birthmarks removal treatment if you have this deformity. This blog post discusses how you can remove birthmark without surgery. Please continue reading to learn more.

Removing Body Birthmarks

The irregular skin growth causes birthmarks and a significant population around the world have these marks. They do not always look odd but one can get flawless skin anyway by taking a removal procedure. The skin care world has changed a lot and surgery is not the only option to get rid of such skin flaws. Mean to say, safe and effective non-invasive options are now available for this.

Birthmark removal

It is important to have an eye on your birthmarks and moles because the skin cancer starts with a tiny skin dot that grows bigger, changes color, alters shape. The moles and birthmarks do not change shape, color, size and involve no health risk. If you want to remove them, consider a birthmarks removal treatment. Let’s discuss how surgical and non-surgical treatments work.

Removing Birthmark without Surgery

It is possible to say goodbye to birthmarks without undergoing surgery. Though it takes a minor surgery to get rid of moles, some people still do not like it. The surgical techniques for birthmark removal are known as cryosurgery and surgical excision. In a typical birthmark removal surgery, a plastic surgeon or dermatologist uses a surgical method to cut the extra skin.

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In cryosurgery, extreme cold is used to destroy abnormal tumors or tissues. In general, liquid nitrogen is used but argon and carbon dioxide can also be used in cryosurgery. Like cryosurgery, the surgical excision is also performed on an outpatient basis. Here, the extra skin is removed using a sharp knife. Both options have some recovery time because the treatment site suffers from mild damage.

Non-Surgical Birthmark Removal Treatment

Do not worry if you do not want to take surgery; you can still remove them using a non-surgical technique. The latest laser machines are known for their excellence in removing them. The laser birthmark removal is FDA-approved and takes one or more session to remove a birthmark.

As an outpatient treatment, this remarkable option just takes 10 minutes time and one can take it during lunch break. Moreover, it has been around for a long time and there are no major side effects and health risks. The best thing is; it has a high success rate and works for all skin types and tones.

If you have birthmark or moles on any part of the skin, let us know and we will remove it without causing any scarring. At the Euromed Clinic Dubai, an expert performs this treatment carefully. We have a reasonable cost structure for this safe and effective treatment.

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