The hair is an important part of the body and we do not want to lose it. Over the years, the hair loss issues have increased and considering a hair loss treatment is necessary to retain a good hair volume. Here are the solutions to the major hair loss problems in 2018. Please continue reading to learn more.

Hair loss

Hair Loss Problems

Most of the hair loss issues can be cured using the latest hair loss treatment options. The three most important problems have been discussed below:

  • Alopecia Areata: Autoimmune Alopecia or Alopecia Areata refers to patches of baldness on most parts of the nails, scalp, and beard. The young people (people in teenage and the 20s) mostly suffer from this condition. As there are no symptoms, it is not easy to predict when this issue will occur. Due to this reason, a person may not know before this issue starts. The bald patches can appear followed by the growth and reappearance of bald patches again. Actually, the white blood cells attack the hair follicles in this condition. As a result, the hair starts falling out in uneven patches.
  • Telogen Effluvium: This problem normally occurs when a person suffers from a severe stress period. In fact, the hair follicles enter into telogen (the resting phase) and stop growing during an abnormally high-stress time. If this occurs due to stress, the hair follicle will rest for the next three months. After taking rest for three months, the hair may start growing normally if the person is not facing that much stress at that time. Though it happens for a short period, the person can go through a lot of suffering during this time.
  • Androgenetic Alopecia: This hair loss issue is experienced by a big population of men and women all over the world. Androgenetic Alopecia is also known as male or female pattern loss. This kind of pattern loss occurs when the hair shaft becomes small with the passage of time. As a result, the hair is not able to grow back. The crown of the head is affected by this problem. The front hairline remains unchanged when this condition starts. A significant portion of hair shed due to this problem thereby making the person strange. The affected person may feel depressed and less confident due to loss of hair.

Solutions for Hair Loss

We have different methods to stop hair loss and to make regeneration of the hair possible. To get rid of hair loss issues and to get the right hair volume, our experts suggest the followings:

  • Mesotherapy with PRP: Mesotherapy is a technique where micro-injections are used to fix a problem. The PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma which is extracted from the blood of the same person. The PRP injections repair the damaged tissue through growth factors.
  • Mesotherapy with Cocktails: In this unique technique, a combination of effective antioxidants and vitamins are being placed under the skin. Resultantly, hydration gets boosted and collagen production stimulates. It can be used to cure different hair loss conditions.

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