Fillers are a beauty-enhancing option known well among people ranging from everyday individuals with a sense of aesthetics to celebrities. Lip fillers are particularly more in demand than other dermal fillers.

But why is that so?

Well, lips tend to be one of the most prominent facial features. Not only do they play a crucial role in how you speak, smile, and change your expressions, but their overall size and shape define your facial aesthetics. In general, plump lips are considered one of the most desirable beauty features among the vast adult majority. This is perhaps why celebrities with fuller and more pronounced lips manage to get more attention over social and mainstream media.

Now the question is, “how much fuller lips are considered attractive?”

Not too long ago, overdone lips were considered a must-have for a better selfie, prompting lip filler candidates to go a bit too far when getting the treatment. However, it didn’t take long for people to realize that slightly enhanced lips with subtle lip fillers can be an even more valuable addition to facial aesthetics than a duck-like pout.

What Is A Subtle Lip Filler?

Simply put, subtle lip fillers help you get bigger lips in a way that they do not look overdone. The secret lies in the type and amount of fillers used to bring the desired lip fullness. The lip filler solution generally used in this regard is a type of synthetic hyaluronic acid, a substance known for its natural-looking results.

Aside from plumping up the lips that lack volume, hyaluronic acid also creates a hydrating effect that gives your lips a youthful glow. When injected along the vermilion border, these fillers also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What Do I Need To Know Before Getting Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are undeniably a viable solution to add or restore lip volume, enhance facial aesthetics, or bring lips into a symmetrical proportion. But it can be more complicated to standardize this procedure for everyone looking for lip enhancement. From overfilled lips to an increased risk of the pout getting out of proportion, there are plenty of reasons to practice caution when getting this treatment.

For these reasons, candidates must keep a few things in mind when getting lip fillers.

  • Not all lip fillers are the same: Lip fillers differ depending on their weight and structural composition. For instance, Restylane is known for its ability to hold its place after injection, while Juvéderm gets dispersed a bit earlier. Hence, the type of filler you get and its amount will dictate the longevity of results. Over-injecting a filler solution may result in longer-lasting lip plumpness, but you might not be happy with the unnatural look. The best way to get natural results and retain them is to get these fillers in smaller amounts and regularly over time.
  • Non-surgical treatment but may cause swelling: Since needles used to inject a lip filler solution penetrate a depth of about 2.5 mm, some irritation and pinching sensation may occur, causing the treated area to swell a bit and develop minor bruising. These side effects are temporary and generally disappear in 3-7 days. But while you have them, you can apply a cold compress to your lips to keep inflammation at bay.
  • Lip fillers work remarkably when done sensibly: This one is pretty obvious; you will need a highly qualified practitioner to inject a filler solution into your lips. Otherwise, your lips may become overly swollen, bruised, and asymmetrical. It takes particular expertise to inject lip fillers in the right amount and the right areas so that the results remain subtle enough to look natural and prominent enough to improve the pout’s appearance.

How Do Lip Fillers Work?

Most lip fillers available on the market are created using hyaluronic acid. When injected into the lips, HA binds with water molecules under the skin, making a plump lip appearance.

Back in the day, lip filler injections were based on collagen or fat tissues. The problem with these solutions was that they were not adequately malleable due to their thicker consistency. Hence, it used to take much work to achieve the desired lip shape and symmetry with these solutions.

On the other hand, hyaluronic acid injections are easy to administer, allowing practitioners to:

  • Improve lips’ texture and shape with greater control
  • Inject the precise amount of the filler solution to drive prominent or subtle results

What Is The Most Natural-Looking Lip Filler?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are known for producing natural-looking results. This is because HA not only ‘fills’ the pout but also stimulates collagen production. So, aside from the instant effect, you also experience a long-term improvement due to a progressive and gradual boost in collagen levels.

That said, you may need to choose between different filler options depending on the specific results you want.

For instance, Juvéderm® fillers are best suited for candidates who want to complement their lip appearance. Juvéderm® Ultra XC, Volbella, and Volift are highly effective in this regard.

On the other hand, if you want more sculpted and firmer lips, Restylane® products may be the best fit. These fillers give your lips the particular definition of your choice.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

After being treated with lip fillers, your lips will retain their new, augmented shape for about six to eight months. After that, they will start to revert to their original shape. Generally, it takes 12-18 months for the treated lips to return to their previous form after the procedure. For this reason, cosmeticians generally recommend touch-up sessions every few months to individuals who want to retain the desired lip shape and volume.

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Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

Short answer; no, they do not hurt. That’s because the practitioner will desensitize your lips with a numbing solution before administering lip fillers. You may feel discomfort after the numbing effect wears away, but it won’t be a cause of much bother. You can discuss your concerns with your practitioner before getting the treatment.

Wrapping Up

So, you want to shape your pout and make it a defining feature of your facial aesthetics? No problem; lip fillers are a particularly effective solution to achieve that. However, you want this aesthetic enhancement to be rather subtle and precise for more natural results. Therefore, it is imperative that you get this treatment from a skilled practitioner.