People with certain health conditions are at risk of developing chronic or lethal health risks which can be avoided through simple routine care. To avoid them, one should avoid possible risk factors of metabolic disease.

It refers to five risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. What are the 5 risk factors for metabolic syndrome?

This blog post explains the 5 risk factors for metabolic syndrome. If you want to know what this problem is and how to overcome it, this topic is for you.

Understanding Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome or metabolic disease is not just one illness. Actually, this term represents multiple health problems.

In fact, it is a group of 5 risk factors that indicate that a person is vulnerable to getting lethal or chronic problems such as stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

Having just one of these risk factors does not mean you have metabolic syndrome but having any of these can cause other serious health problems.

If you are diagnosed with this problem, further health complications can be avoided by taking a suitable treatment.

5 Risk Factors for Metabolic Syndrome

The list below highlight the 5 risk factors that can be classed as metabolic syndrome and whichcan increase the risk of stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

  • Having high triglyceride levels
  • Having excess fat around the waist
  • Having low levels of good cholesterol, or HDL
  • Having high blood sugar levels (insulin resistance)
  • Having increased blood pressure (more than 130/85 mmhg)

By taking regular care, a person can reduce the risk of getting such medical problems. Adopting a healthy diet and healthy ways of living are two important practical steps in this regard. A regular exercise will also be fruitful to be fit and free of risks.

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Treating Metabolic Syndrome Effectively

This blog post explained the top 5 risk factors for metabolic syndrome. If you want to know more about this problem one of our experts would love to help you.

It is important to remember that metabolic disease can be cured by taking a suitable treatment. Please do not hesitate to call us or fill our online form if you want to book an appointment with an expert.