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DNA is a genetic material that tells a lot about a person. Different types of DNA tests can provide insightful facts about a person. The cost of each type of DNA genetic testing can be different. This blog post discusses the DNA test cost in Dubai. Interested? Please continue reading to learn more about it.

DNA and DNA Test

The word DNA stands for ‘deoxyribonucleic acid’ which is a chain-like molecule that has a double helix shape. This vital genetic material is believed to contain genetic information that is required for the development, growth, functioning, and reproduction of all living organisms and different viruses.

DNA genetic testing

The DNA of a person can be used to get important information. For instance, DNA paternity test can be used to know if a person is a father to a child. Similarly, it is also possible to study this genetic material to make sure if a woman is a mother to a child. Different genetic problems can also be identified by analyzing DNA.

Types of DNA Test

Nowadays, DNA tests are used for a variety of reasons. Due to this reason, there are different types of DNA tests. If we talk about genealogy reasons, there are three main types of DNA tests: Y-DNA tests, atDNA tests, and mtDNA tests. These three types are used for:

  • Y-chromosome (Y-DNA): The direct paternal line can be tested using it.
  • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA): The maternal line can be tested using it.
  • Autosomal DNA (atDNA): It can check for matches on all ancestral lines.

Each of the above test types analyzes a different part of DNA. We specialize in studying the genetic makeup. Tell us the purpose of your test and we will tell you the cost in your case.

Cost of DNA Test?

As mentioned above there are a variety of reasons to take DNA tests. Due to this reason, different types of DNA test require a different analysis technique. As a result, the cost of one DNA analysis technique might be different than the cost of other techniques.

  • DNA Test for Health Cost: The average cost of this type is $300.
  • DNA Test for Ancestry Cost: The average cost of this type is $700.
  • DNA Test for Paternity Cost: The average cost of this type is $250.

Are you interested in knowing the cost of this test in Dubai? Let’s discuss the DNA test cost in Dubai.

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DNA Test Cost in Dubai

Like other cities, the cost of a DNA test is not fixed in Dubai. In Dubai, different clinics may charge a different price due to some reasons. The high price often means better and accurate results. The average cost of this test in Dubai is AED 2000.

With the help of our advanced healthcare facility and expert staff, the Euromed Clinic Center Dubai offers DNA genetic testing at a reasonable price. Do you want to learn more? Please do not hesitate to book an appointment to learn more.

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Do you want to take the DNA test? Look no further than the Euromed Clinic Center Dubai if you are looking for the best DNA genetic testing. To learn more, the best way is to book an appointment by calling us or filling the short online form.

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