How Accurate is Telomere Testing? & Is It Worth It?

The human body is made of cells and chromosomes are an important type of cells. Telomeres are structures on the tip of all chromosomes that protect them from fraying. A typical telomere testing in Dubai measures the length of telomeres to determine the biological age of the person with respect to a population sample. In general, the telomere testing cost varies from person to person. This blog post discusses if these tests are accurate and should a person have it or not.

What are Telomeres?

The human body is made of different kinds of cells that keep changing every day. The chromosomes are one of the most important cells in the human body. Telomeres are structures on the tip of all chromosomes. As the cells divide, these structures shorten in size with the passage of time. There comes a time when the further division of cells is not possible and the cell dies. As per the latest research, the size of telomeres is linked to aging and certain diseases.

Scientists have found different techniques to measure the length of telomeres which eventually tells the speed a person is aging with respect to a population sample of same age people. Advances have been made to calculate the biological age of a person using tests that involve telomere analysis. It has also become possible to predict the life expectancy of a person. Let’s discuss what telomere testing in Dubai is like.

What is Telomere Testing?

In a telomere test, the segments of genetic material are measured. As mentioned above, telomeres are sections of chromosomes who prevent chromosomal fraying each time the cell divides. A typical telomere test tries to measure the length of telomeres of the patient in relation to the age of the patient. The results are reported in terms of the average telomere length followed by the comparison of this average length to the population sample having the same age. The telomere testing cost is different in different areas.

How Accurate is Telomere Testing

Is Telomere Testing Accurate?

If you are interested in this test, here is what you should expect if you try telomere testing in Dubai. This technique is accurate if performed by an expert using the latest technology. We have the right professionals for this test who provide reliable results.

Cost of Telomere Testing

To calculate the telomere testing cost, some important information about the patient is required. At the Euromed Clinic Center Dubai, the cost for this telomere test is reasonable. If you are interested and want to know the price in your case, please do not hesitate to contact Euromed Clinic Center anytime.

Want to Know Your Biological Age?

Knowing your biological age can help you in many ways. If you know the pace your body is aging, you can take the necessary steps to increase your age by adopting a healthy lifestyle. If you are ready to know this revolutionary technology to live longer, we are ready to help you; book your appointment now.

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