One of the growing threats to human health is the heavy metal toxicity caused by increased pollution and chemicals. As the level of toxic metals increases in the body tissues and brain, severe developmental and neurological damage can occur. Therefore, to detect the exposure of your body to toxic and heavy metals, doctors use heavy metals hair tests. 

Heavy metals hair test helps doctors diagnose different disorders that might be associated with abnormalities in toxic element metabolism. It involves analyzing a patient’s hair because hair strands can provide a lot of useful information about your health. 

In this blog, we will discuss what a heavy metals hair test is and how much it costs.

What are Heavy Metals?

The hairs can have heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, copper, arsenic, and iron. Exposure of the human body to such metals is not healthy as they can cause several diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to measure the level of heavy metals to ensure optimum health. For this reason, the hair care experts now emphasize the importance of heavy metals hair test. Let’s see how this test works.

How Much Heavy Metals Hair Test Cost

What is the Heavy Metals Test?

A single hair strand on your scalp can provide a lot of information about you. In general, hairs grow 2 to 6 years on the head before they fall out. During this time, tiny blood vessels feed the base of hair strands, and the shaft absorbs chemicals or drugs that you consume. In addition to this, the hairs also absorb sweat, toxins, and the body’s natural oils. Several studies have revealed that the scalp hair element levels are related to human systemic levels. Therefore, hair analysis plays a vital role in identifying the concentration of metals in your body.

The Hair Elements test or Hair Metals Test is the analysis of the hair through special techniques. A small sample of hair follicles is taken from the patient’s scalp and sent to the lab for analysis. The professionals observe the hair using special equipment and perform different techniques to test for the presence of heavy metals. The method for the heavy metals test may differ from lab to lab.

What are the Benefits?

Apart from checking the level of metal toxicity, a heavy metal hair test can also identify the following:

Some Genetic Disorders: Genetic disorders such as Fragile X Syndrome can be identified using this test.

Drug Use: Certain drugs stick to the hair strands as they grow and cannot be washed. Some of these drugs include opioids, cocaine, amphetamines, and cannabis. A heavy metal hair test can detect the presence of these drugs in your body over the last three months.

Alopecia: A heavy metal hair test can also help diagnose alopecia among patients.

Blood Relation: A side-by-side analysis of hair follicles can also help see if two individuals are blood relatives.

Avail Financing

Cost of Heavy Metals Hair Test

The cost of heavy metals hair tests is different at different clinics. Due to the location of the facility, the price of the test changes. Moreover, the test price also varies due to different analysis techniques used in different labs. Therefore, it is better to consult with an expert to know the exact cost of the test. 


The heavy metals test is preferable for anyone who wants to know if their body has deposits of toxic metals that are harmful in nature. For this reason, you can visit Euromed® Clinic Center Dubai and consult with our healthcare experts. They will guide you about the benefits of this test, and you can also inquire about the cost. You can call us or fill the short online form to book your appointment.