How Much Heavy Metals Hair Test Cost?

The hair can get different elements from the environment. The harmful components in the pollution often stick to the hair and cause different problems. The hair has a specific amount of useful and harmful minerals. The excess amount of metals or minerals in your hair can be damaging. That is why experts suggest metals hair test Dubai. Continue reading to know metals hair test cost.

What are Heavy Metals?

The presence of metals in the hair is increasing due to the environmental pollution and chemicals that exist in hair care products. The increased levels of metals or minerals in the hair can cause damage to the adult health and development of our children.

The hair care experts now emphasis on the importance of metals hair test because it has become crucial to know the level of minerals and metals. The experts suggest different ways to reduce the level of elements in the hair. Let’s see how this test works.

How Much Heavy Metals Hair Test Cost

What is Heavy Metals Test?

The hair of a can tell very much about that person. Research reveals that the scalp hair levels are related to human systemic levels. In general, a hair grows 2 to 6 years on the head and then falls out. The hair can absorb drugs, sweat, toxins, and the body’s natural oils,

The Hair Elements test or Hair Metals Test is the analysis of the hair through special techniques. The professionals observe the hair using a microscope that can tell details about the habits of that person and the health of the hair. The method of this test may differ from lab to lab.

This test is not just to check the presence of minerals, it can show the presence of the following.

What It Can Check For?

Some Genetic Disorders: Genetic disorders such as Fragile X syndrome can be identified using this test.

Heavy Metals: The presence of heavy metals such as arsenic and mercury can be identified using a heavy metal hair test.

Drug Use: If a person takes drugs, the hair mental test can show it even after washing the hair. A urine test can also reveal the presence of drugs.

Cost of Heavy Metals Test

The cost of metals test is different at different clinics. Due to the location and type of the facility, the price of the test changes. The test price also differs due to different analysis techniques. Please get in touch with the Euromed Clinic Center Dubai to know the exact metals hair test cost.

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The heavy metals test should be taken by all to know if their hair is free of unnecessary minerals. Are you up for the metals hair test in Dubai? Please feel free to get in touch with the Euromed Clinic Center Dubai if you need more information. Want to know the metals hair test cost? Do not hesitate to call our number of fill the short online form to get in touch.