Introducing two distinctive treatments for pain relief and stress reduction, Euromed Clinic Dubai is excited to present innovative solutions to enhance your well-being.

Our clinic proudly offers PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) therapy, both of which are non-invasive techniques designed to stimulate cellular activity within the body, promoting accelerated recovery. While sharing similarities, these therapies possess unique attributes, all converging towards a common goal – a rejuvenated and healthier version of yourself.

As a pioneering healthcare establishment, Euromed Clinic Dubai stands as one of the select few clinics in the city that offers the transformative benefits of PEMF and EMS therapies. These treatments can be experienced individually or as part of comprehensive packages. Consistent engagement with these therapies is recommended, allowing individuals to unlock the full spectrum of advantages they offer.

For an amplified effect, the option to combine PEMF and EMS treatments within the same session is also available, delivering an extra dimension of revitalization.

The pricing structure for these therapies is as follows: PEMF packages start at 300 AED for a single session and 1250 AED for a package of 5 sessions. For EMS therapy, prices begin at 400 AED for a single session and 1750 AED for a package of 5 sessions. The combined PEMF and EMS treatment is priced at 700 AED per session. Further package details can be obtained upon request.

To embark on your journey towards enhanced wellness, we invite you to contact us at +971 4 394 5422. Our team is readily available to facilitate your bookings and provide comprehensive insights into the transformative potential of PEMF and EMS therapies at Euromed Clinic Dubai.