When opting for any non-surgical treatments make sure you are aware of the treatment expectations.

Non-surgical treatments are very effective when used for the correct indication, patient expectations must be addressed during the consult so that an honest and practical assessment can be made.

Cosmetic procedures such as laser treatments Fillers and Botox are great when used for the appropriate indication. Nonetheless with heavy competition from clinics, spas, and Doctors: sometimes patients are lead to believe that they will get the same results as surgery with little or no downtime. That is not always the case!

There are those who will benefit greatly from non-surgical treatments and there are those that could be left disappointed if they are not the correct candidates.

When you consult for non surgical procedure always discuss the realistic expectation, have them show you before and after pictures so that you can see true life results and understand the limitations of the treatment.

If a patient in her early 40’s came in with minimal sagging skin and slight loss of volume then a non surgical treatments such as Radio frequency followed up with a filler would generally be a very effective and more appropriate than any surgical treatment, however a patient in her late 50’s with an abundance of loose skin may not get the desired results from the same treatments and are a more suitable candidate for surgery.

Every month I hold an in house coffee morning to educate those interested to learn what is available in the aesthetic world whether they are a suitable candidates and actually getting the chance to see the treatments in action and possibly being a model allowing them to go away with a clear idea of treatments and their expectations.