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When it comes to sex, having a fulfilling, physical relationship doesn’t just make you feel good, it actually does you good as well.

A US study carried out on over one hundred college students found that the more frequent their sexual activity, the higher their levels of salivary immunoglobin. In other words, those who were more sexually active were boosting their immune systems by producing significant higher levels of antibodies.

And that’s not all – who knew a healthy sex life can also help reduce blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart disease, help you sleep and keep you fit?

Problems With Libido – and What You Can Do?

So let’s take a look at some of the most common health conditions that can be connected to a low libido – and what you can do about them.

Hormonal imbalance: When hormone levels fall, sexual desire can be one of the first casualties. Testosterone is the hormone that fuels sexual desire not only in men but also in women. If your body isn’t producing enough of it, chances are your libido is going to suffer. Excess oestrogen found in chemicals and processed food can play a large part in causing hormone imbalance. Women going through the menopause often experience a dramatic drop in hormone levels, whereas for men the decline is more gradual.

If you find yourself too tired for anything, let alone sex, an under-active thyroid might be to blame.  This can not only play havoc with your libido but also slow down your metabolism, cause weight gain and sap your energy.

This can not only play havoc with your libido but also slow down your metabolism, cause weight gain and sap your energy.

What You Can Do?

Your risk of thyroid problems does increase with age, so get yourself checked out if any of these symptoms sound familiar. Along with dietary and other suggested lifestyle changes, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can really help to restore hormonal balance and with it your sexual desire. For example, I often recommend a BHRT testosterone cream for menopausal women suffering from a low libido.

Diabetes: Uncontrolled blood sugar levels and high insulin can lead to low sex drive and sexual discomfort, including increased vaginal dryness and recurrent yeast infections in women. For those with diabetes, sexual problems can indicate nerve damage, blocked arteries, and also a hormone imbalance.

why-a-healthy-libido-is-good-for-your-wellbeing 41318093 – close-up of patient hands measuring glucose level blood test with glucometer

The first step is to improve glucose control by speaking to a doctor who is knowledgeable about nutritional ketosis. Adopting a Keto diet (of which more below) can also help keep your glucose levels stable and your insulin response in check. In fact, in my new book The Metabolic Miracle, I show you how to cure diabetes in just one week!

Heart Disease: Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) often worry how they will be able to perform sexually. ED can be the first symptom of poor cardiovascular health. An Australian study of more than 95,000 middle-aged men found a direct link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and heart disease, a link that was still present even among men with no history of cardiovascular problems. Sugar and grains are the ‘link’ with high insulin levels and heart disease.

What You Can Do?

However embarrassing you may find it, never ignore such symptoms and always seek medical advice.

Depression: A loss of sexual appetite can be a symptom of a much bigger problem – depression. As low mood takes hold, one of the first things we shut down are feelings of pleasure. The relationship between depression and decreased libido may still be under discussion but there’s no doubt treating one condition frequently helps improve the other. It is also worth noting that certain medications prescribed to treat depression can themselves put a dampener on your sex drive.

What You Can Do?

Whatever your situation, it’s good to talk to your doctor or a counsellor about treatment options.

Changing your lifestyle – how to get back in the mood

While a decline in libido can be a sign of a deeper health issue, there are also many lifestyle factors that can be killing your sexual desire.

Poor Diet: There are plenty of foods that we tend to overload on that simply put the brakes on any sexual urge. Yes, I’m talking about processed, refined foods, sugar and grains. Eating these kinds of foods causes huge insulin spikes which, over time, can lead to insulin resistance and reduced testosterone production.

There are plenty of foods that we tend to overload on that simply put the brakes on any sexual urge.

What you Can Do?

To guard against this and to give your libido a chance, opt instead for a Ketogenic diet of high fat, moderate protein and low carbs such as fresh meats, vegetables, salad, nuts, seeds and eggs. Eating a natural, balanced diet will also help with weight gain and reverse insulin resistance. Feeling sexy is a lot easier if you like how you look and feel good about yourself.

Stress:  Most of us experience stress at some stage in our lives, which can not only play havoc with our health but also our libido. Without getting too technical, when we become stressed, the body produces the hormone cortisol and if we stay stressed for a prolonged period, cortisol levels stay elevated and block the body’s natural response to testosterone and the stimulation of libido.

businessman having stress in the office businessman having stress in the office

It’s vital to make time for relaxation – whether it’s some simple deep breathing, meditation or just taking a warm bath – to feel calmer, boost your libido and ultimately improve your overall health.

Lack of sleep: Not getting enough shuteye will undoubtedly affect your libido. Apart from the fatigue, being sleep deprived can also upset hormone levels, like cortisol and insulin. According to a US study, men who sleep less than five hours per night for a week or more have significantly lower testosterone levels than those who sleep longer, as well as a 50% increase in obesity.

What you can do

It’s good to develop a regular sleep routine to allow your body to properly unwind and prepare for sleep.

Healthy libido = Healthy Body and Mind

It’s clear that a healthy libido has so many benefits – not only for the feel-good factor physical intimacy can bring but also as a positive force for health. Everyone’s level of sexual desire is different but when those feelings really start to wane it can impact on both your physical and mental health.

It’s clear that a healthy libido has so many benefits – not only for the feel-good factor physical intimacy can bring but also as a positive force for health.

If you are a smoker, stop smoking immediately! Why? Because it’s significantly proven that any kind of substance abuse, especially smoking, can clog the blood vessels to the penis as it clogs the arteries in your heart.

The good news is that making a few small changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference to getting your sexual mojo back on track.

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