Flu, also known as influenza, is a common respiratory disease. This illness is caused by flu viruses and it can spread from one person to another through different means. Every year, flu vaccine is prepared to make people avoid flu during the flu season. The flu season has started and you should take flu vaccine shots to stay safe. The flu vaccine shots normally last for one year. Continue reading to know flu vaccine side effects and how long the flu vaccine treatment in Dubai lasts.

What are Flu Vaccine Shots?

The experts develop flu vaccine every year to protect people from getting flu or influenza. The manufacturers of the flu vaccine pack it in a shot (injection) or a nasal spray. The person interested in having it can visit a clinic or hospital. Not all healthcare facilities offer this; the Euromed Clinic Center Dubai offers it. We try to avoid the side effects of flu vaccine. Continue reading to learn more about the flu vaccine treatment.

Life of Effects of Flu Vaccine

As a matter of fact, the viruses that cause influenza keep changing with the passage of time. Due to this reason, the manufacturers of the flu vaccine try to target the latest viruses that cause flu. The researchers take some viruses and leave some viruses when they prepare the vaccination for the flu.

How Long Does The Flu Vaccine Last

To be honest, it is not possible to give an exact life of the effects of the flu vaccine. Why? Well, it is important to mention that the effects of the flu shots decrease with the passage of time. If a person has been vaccinated at the beginning of the flu season, the effects of the vaccine may become much weeker by the end of the flu seasons. However, if a person has been vaccinated as per the instructions of our doctor, he or she will be safe for one year.

The person who takes vaccination this flu season will have to take the vaccination again in the next flu season. So choose the Euromed Clinic Center Dubai for the flu vaccine treatment in Dubai if you want to be on the safe side. The next part of the blog post discusses flu vaccine side effects.

Side Effects of Flu Vaccine

The doctors at the Euromed Clinic Center Dubai always try to make flu vaccination free of side effects. It is necessary to educate people about the possible side effects. After taking the vaccination, some people may get a slight fever or mild muscle pain for one day. If the person has some soreness in the arm due to the flu shot, the following can help:

  • Keep moving the arm for some time.
  • Consider taking a painkiller to feel well.

Please note; the children under 16 should not take aspirin in this situation. The flu vaccine cannot cause flu and it protects the person. Some people may experience flu-like symptoms after taking shots but it might not be flu. Sometimes, people have already got flu when they take shots; so they may get flu anyway.

The allergic reactions also appear in rare cases. If this happens, our staff is fully prepared to deal with it carefully. The minor allergic reaction will be over in no time and the person will feel good. Please feel free to contact us now if you want to learn more about flu vaccine side effects. Book your consultation session now.

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We make sure you do not get flu vaccine side effects. If you want to stay healthy and strong this flu season, you should take flu vaccine treatment Dubai. Book an appointment with the Euromed Clinic Center Dubai to learn more. You can book a consultation session by calling us or filling the short online form.