Living with a chronic illness such as diabetes and high blood pressure is not free of risks. Research studies have discussed the link between diabetes and high blood pressure.


If you have one of these, you are at risk of getting the other. Our doctors master the ways using which the treatment of diabetes has become possible until recently.
This blog post explains the link between high blood pressure and diabetes. If you want to know how you can reduce the risk of getting diabetes and high blood pressure, this topic is for you.

Are Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Linked?

Diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure) are two common chronic illnesses that have a strong link with each other.

Hypertension affects one in six people around the world and it increases the risk of renal disease, stroke and heart disease.
It is common that high blood pressure paves the way for other serious health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar.

When the level of sugar in the blood rises due to any reason, the chances of falling victim to diabetes become bright.

Can High Blood Pressure Cause Diabetes?

It comes as no surprise that high blood pressure and diabetes are two totally different diseases with different causes and effects.

Actually, the word ‘high blood pressure’ represents a condition where the blood puts more pressure against artery walls than it should.

As a result, more effort is required from the arteries to push blood to all areas of the body. This leads to the walls of arteries become thick that can cause a blockage.
On the other hand, diabetes is a condition that starts when the level of sugar rises in the blood. Genetics and lifestyle can cause type 2 diabetes.

It is true that diabetes and hypertension go hand in hand because both are related to the blood. That is; blood sugar level and blood circulation in the body.

It is clear from the above discussion that one can put the patient at risk of getting the other. It is also true that many other different illnesses are interlinked.

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Hypertension vs. Diabetes: Key Points

Diabetes and high blood pressure are two common chronic illnesses that can be lethal in some cases. One of our doctors can guide you if you have both or any of these diseases.

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