The heart’s health is vital for all human beings, and none of us can afford to deal with severe heart conditions. Nowadays, there are several screening tests and exams available, including the SphygmoCor test. These tests confirm if there is a high risk of fatal cardiovascular problems, such as stroke and heart attack. There are multiple benefits of these tests, and the SphygmoCor Test Cost in Dubai is also affordable.

This blog post aims at discussing the benefits and cost of the SphygmoCor test. Please keep reading the next section to learn more about the test, its benefits, and its price.

What is the SphygmoCor Test?

SphygmoCor Test is an advanced method of measuring blood pressure and arterial stiffness. It helps physicians understand the causes of a patient’s high blood pressure. As a result of this test, they get valuable details about the heart’s health, allowing them to prevent kidney, heart, and other forms of organ damage. It is a safe, short, effective, and simple pulse diagnosis that reveals valuable information about the body’s blood pressure.

Generally, a particular device is used to perform this pulse analysis, known as the SphygmoCor device – approved by the FDA, US.

Considering the significant risks SphygmoCor Test in Dubai can help avoid, its price seems negligible. Moreover, its effectiveness and precision are well-known in the medical world.

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Benefits of SphygmoCor Test

Research shows that nearly one in three adults has high blood pressure, but only half of the blood pressure patients have control over it. One of the practical and safe ways to keep your heart healthy is to take the SphygmoCor test regularly. A regular diagnosis using this technique has plenty of benefits, including but not limited to the following:

  • The SphygmoCor test is not expensive.
  • The test always provides accurate results.
  • This method has high precision and accuracy.
  • The test does not take long to finish.
  • This technique detects minor and significant risks.
  • The device used for the test is reliable and FDA-approved.
  • It saves high heart treatment costs by detecting issues promptly.

SphygmoCor Test Cost in Dubai

All providers of the SphygmoCor test charge different prices. Usually, the cost may differ due to certain factors, such as geographic location and other charges. Some common cost-determining factors are as follows:

  • the geographic location of the clinic or lab
  • practitioner’s expertise and qualification
  • the device used for the test
  • number of tests
  • lab charges

Although these factors determine the final test price, the price for SphygmoCor Test is not high, and it is easily affordable for most patients. Contact us now to learn how much we charge for a standard SphygmoCor Test.

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Located in the heart of Dubai, Euromed® Clinic Center also offers SphygmoCor Test. We have the latest SphygmoCor devices, and our trained professionals operate them. Our experts always perform this test carefully to bring an accurate picture of the heart’s health to light.

Now that you have read about the SphygmoCor test cost in Dubai contact us if you need to know how this procedure can help you. All you need to do is book a consultation session with one of our specialists by calling us or filling our short online form.