Fats are found in different areas of the body. The accumulation of unwanted fat increases your weight, and losing such fats is necessary to reduce weight. There are various surgical & non-surgical treatments for weight loss. Every day, new research is being made to discover effective and less invasive weight loss procedures. Therefore, let us discuss some of the latest weight loss techniques in this blog that will help you choose the right option.

How to Reduce Weight?

Being overweight and obese has become common in different areas of the world, and this fact holds true for the UAE as well. A significant portion of the UAE population is overweight and obese. It can be due to different life-threatening cardio-metabolic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and dementia, that are linked to obesity.

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Obese people must lose their excess and unwanted fats at the earliest otherwise, they may suffer from different health risks. Switching to a specific diet and doing exercise does not always guarantee relief from excess fat. Sometimes, one has to choose a cosmetic procedure to get rid of stubborn fat. A professional weight loss treatment combined with a healthy diet and exercise gives quick results.

Weight Loss Treatments Options

If you are obese or overweight, you should consider a weight loss treatment to avoid various health concerns. Although there are a variety of weight-loss treatment options, we will discuss three of them below:

  • Keto Diet & Fitness

The word “keto diet” might be new to you, but you will agree that this diet results in ketosis, a metabolic state that puts the body into automatic weight loss mode. This technique makes the body use fats as an energy fuel source rather than using carbohydrates.

The other great benefit includes a decrease in food cravings and an increase in energy. Due to simple changes in body chemistry, the keto diet method brings major changes. Eventually, it becomes easy for the person to lose weight regularly, and no workouts will be required.

  • Eximia Non-Surgical

It is the latest non-surgical technique used for body slimming or getting some enhancement in different body areas. Italian researchers developed the Eximia technique to enhance the appearance of the body by removing fats.

Different scientific studies have proved the effectiveness of Eximia for double chin, abdomen fat, buttocks fat, and thigh fat removal. The ultrasound energy is used to restructure connective tissues, remove excess fat and toxins.

  • Fat Dissolving Injection

The body sometimes accumulates stubborn fat that does not go with a normal diet and workouts. For example, the double chin, thighs, and hips fat may not respond to diet and exercise. In such situations, doctors suggest fat dissolving injections.

A particular medication is injected into the treatment site through a small syringe that dissolves fat cells. These medications are tested and are safe to use. The results of fat dissolving injections are visible and fully achieved after a few weeks.

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Benefits of Weight Loss Treatments

One can get great benefits from losing a particular amount of unwanted fats. Some of the notable benefits of weight loss are enlisted below:

  • The person will have low bad cholesterol.
  • The person can avoid different health risks.
  • The person will be able to live a healthy life.
  • The person can prevent the risk of diabetes.
  • The person can reduce blood pressure.

Cost of Weight Loss Treatments

The cost of different weight loss treatments is different. The treatment price depends on various factors such as the location of the clinic, the expertise of the professional, the type of technique being used and the current condition of the body, etc. You should book an appointment with an expert to know the exact cost of your desired weight loss treatment. 

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Mentioned above are some of the latest weight loss techniques that can help you lose unwanted fat deposits. You can choose the right treatment after discussing it with an expert. At the Euromed Clinic Center, we offer high-quality weight loss treatments that deliver promising results at a reasonable cost. To learn more about the treatment options, please book an appointment now by filling the online form or calling us. You can also use the chatbox for a quick chat.