Why Breast Cancer Cases Are Increasing in Dubai?

There are reasons for an increasing number of breast cancer cases in the UAE. All women should regularly have a screening test for breast cancer. The breast cancer screening is not a hectic job. The women living in the UAE should try the breast cancer test in Dubai. Why? Please click here to learn more. Please continue reading to learn more.

Breast Cancer in Dubai

The breast cancer awareness events often take place in the UAE to inform people of this life-threatening disease. As a matter of fact, there has been an increase in this disease in recent years. It is a kind of cancer but it is curable if diagnosed and treated at an early stage.

There are facilities available for breast cancer screening and this process is easy. If you want to have the breast cancer test in Dubai, you might be interested in know more about it. The next part of the blog post will shed light on this important screening test for breast cancer.

Is Breast Cancer Curable?

As per National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc., the survival rate is high for the people with Stage 0 and Stage 1 of breast cancer provided the patient has been treated with advanced means. During the early stages such as Stages 0 and 1, the patient can be treated using surgery and radiation techniques. The later stages may also require chemotherapy.

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The exact reasons for this disease are not known; however, research has pointed towards the following possible reasons for breast cancer:

  • Too much use of alcohol.
  • Having non-healthy weight.
  • A history of a benign breast lump.
  • A family history of breast cancer.
  • A previous diagnosis of breast cancer.
  • Specific age women are more at risk.

You may already know that the scientists divide all cancers into different stages. The same holds true for the breast cancer; the breast cancer can have 0 to IV stage, writes breastcancer.org. Identification of stage helps doctors suggest the right treatment options.

Breast Cancer Screening Test

It is an important test and you will read here what this test is and how is it performed. By standing in front of a mirror, a woman should examine the breasts and armpits for any dimpling and lumps. WebMD.com writes that the breast cancer experts suggest doing it every month to be on the safe side.

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There are advanced lab tests such as Mammography where X-rays are used to check the breast. The Mammographic screening helps detect lesions in the early stage. If a person has breast cancer, the oncologists use different techniques to cure it. In general, the following techniques are used to intervene:

  • Surgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy

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