Over time due to aging or other factors, including childbirth, skin folds around the urethra and vagina – also called labia minora – can get enlarged. These skin folds may get pinched or twisted when you exercise or engage in sexual activity. This condition also makes the vaginal area less attractive, affecting your body image.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce elongated labia minora. While it is primarily an aesthetic procedure, it also helps overcome complications typically associated with enlarged skin flaps around the vaginal opening. Not only does this treatment improve the aesthetics of your vagina, but it also makes your intimate moment more enjoyable and physical activities pain-free for your private area.

Labiaplasty Cost Factors

The average cost of labiaplasty in Dubai is 15,000 AED. The exact price of the treatment may vary from person to person, depending on several factors. Some of those factors are briefly described below.

The Severity Of The Condition

The condition of the labia determines the nature of the surgery. The treatment will be extensive if the labia are excessively elongated and enlarged. As a result, the treatment will cost more. However, if minor adjustments are required, it will cost less.

Additional Expenses

Besides the treatment price, additional expenses can also be expected, which may contribute to the increase in the total price. These expenses may include anesthesia costs, medical tests, and other related fees.

Clinic’s Location

The location and quality of the clinic are some of the most significant factors when it comes to calculating the cost of labiaplasty. If a clinic is well-reputed and located in a prominent location, the treatment prices may be higher than in other places.

Surgeon’s Expertise

The surgeon’s expertise and reputation are also crucial for determining the labiaplasty cost. Usually, surgeons with decades of experience charge more than those who started practicing a few years ago.

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