People have different views about pregnancy but there are risks no matter how careful you are. In some cases, risks are higher and professional help is necessary to save your and your unborn baby’s lives. If you or your spouse is pregnant, it is necessary to know the possible risks. In this feature, we will outline pregnancy complications and what you should do if you have been advised to follow a high-risk pregnancy management procedure.

Pregnancy and Risk

Becoming a mother is a fulfilling experience for most women. The time between getting pregnant and giving birth to a child can be marked by an array of discomforts and complications. Some pregnant women experience more abnormal risks than is normal and intensive professional help is required. With the help of an experienced gynecologist, a woman can enjoy the safest and easiest pregnancy that is possible.


Fetal Problems During Pregnancy

There are pregnancy complications that can be avoided through care. If you are going through a high-risk pregnancy you should be extra careful and vigilant of the following signs:

  • Bleeding: Though it is not risky all the time, bleeding can indicate different abnormalities. It could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy if bleeding is accompanied by abdominal pain and the person feels faint during the first trimester. Moreover, heavy bleeding often takes place before a miscarriage.
  • Vomiting and Severe Nausea: Severe nausea and vomiting are common during pregnancy but in their severest form, this can result in complications. If the woman is not able to drink and eat anything due to these problems, there are chances of the woman getting dehydrated which can have a negative impact on her health.
  • A Decline in the Activity Level of the Baby: Often, an active baby can suddenly reduce his/her activity significantly. Women experience ten or more baby kicks in an hour; so counting the kicks is a good indicator of normal movement of the baby.
  • Contractions in the Start of Third Trimester: A preterm labor is often preceded by contractions. Experts write that some women may confuse false labor and true labor due to different similarities. Braxton-Hicks contractions or false labor contractions are non-rhythmic, unpredictable, do not increase in intensity and subside within one hour.
  • Pain in the Body During the Third Trimester: During pregnancy, women often start experiencing pain in different parts of the body. There may be a link between this pain and a serious condition known as preeclampsia. It is vital to contact doctor immediately to check the blood pressure.

High- Risk Pregnancy Management in Dubai

Women with a high-risk pregnancy are vulnerable to a variety of pregnancy complications. The gynecologists at Euromed Clinic Center Dubai specialize in high-risk pregnancy management. Here, you will receive the highest standards of care at a reasonable cost.

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