Genital Warts Symptoms in Women & Removal Treatment

You are in bed with your spouse or partner when you have to explain in response to the question; “what is wrong with your genital area?” Obviously, it is a matter of concern for your spouse as skin warts can spread to others if they come in direct contact with the infected area. This blog post first discusses Genital Warts Symptoms followed by some discussion about the right Genital Warts Removal Treatment in Dubai.

Warts as a Viral Skin Infection

Warts look like flesh-colored bumps that often have a cauliflower-like appearance. They may have a small size but the virus can spread. They are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). In some cases, this skin disorder can become a serious disease if not treated.

The skin warts, no matter where they exist on the body, can be painful and they cause discomfort all the time. The thought of having an infection on the body may haunt you. There are serious health risks as well.

Some skin deformities or infections seem harmless or minor but they are not. Remember the saying; “everything happens for a reason.” The skin warts do have an underlying cause and it does not end unless you take a Warts Removal Treatment.

Genital Warts Involve Risk

When a skin infection occurs in an exposed area such as hands and feet, the affected person tries to find a cure because people can see those body parts. We often ignore the issues with our hidden parts; which can be harmful in some cases.

When it comes to your health and appearance, always take minor issues seriously. Having a viral infection in your genital area is also harmful to your spouse. It is sad to mention that the genital warts are a common sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Genital Warts Symptoms in Women1

Men can have it on the penis and women can have it on the vagina. May be no one will see that infected area or may be you do not mind having it on your private parts but you cannot let it happen to other body areas. It can spread to other body parts if you have touched the infected skin area and then touched another body area without washing the hand(s).

The US Center for Disease Control states that all sexually active men and women are likely to become infected with one or more types of HPV (human papillomavirus) at some point in their lives. Some research studies have linked genital warts to cancer and difficulty in pregnancy.

Genital Warts Symptoms in Women

Genital warts can occur in different areas of a woman’s body and there can be different signs. The common Genital Warts Symptoms have been enlisted below:

  • Cauliflower-like shape bumps
  • Bleeding during the intercourse
  • Discomfort, itching in the genital area
  • Gray, flesh-colored swelling in the genital area

Genital Warts Removal Treatment

In case you want to know the working mechanism of Genital Warts Removal Treatment in Dubai, here is a brief explanation of the notable techniques. First of all, please stop worrying as it is normal and it happens to many people.

There are different screening tests for males and female; the best treatment choice depends on the nature of the problem and the patient’s preferences. The dermatologists prescribe medicines or suggest a surgical procedure to cure the issue. The surgical options are enlisted below:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrocautery
  • Surgical Excision

Your Safety and Relief is Our Priority

If you have Genital Warts Symptoms, one of our dermatologists will find the suitable option to cure your infection thereby avoiding the side effects and the reoccurence. Our Genital Warts Removal Treatment Dubai, is known for its safety and effectiveness.

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