As per an article published by The Guardian, around 250 babies are born every minute somewhere in the world. Hundreds of thousands of women get pregnant every day. Out of these, a large number of babies are born with a disability while others are stillborn. In 2016, more than 2.6 million babies died during the first month of their life, writes UNICEF. These complications can be barred with the help of obstetric ultrasound. Pregnancy is a memorable phase in your life, and you can ensure your baby’s safety by undergoing an obstetric ultrasound. 

This blog post discusses what an obstetric ultrasound is and how does it work in detail.

What is Obstetric Ultrasound?

In obstetric ultrasound, medical ultrasonography is used to evaluate the growth of the baby, writes ScienceDirect. It is beneficial for pregnant women because 2D, 3D, or 4D real-time images from the inside of the uterus are obtained. As a result, the gynecologist can easily monitor the growth of the fetus in the womb. In addition to this, some of the critical issues during pregnancy can be avoided through obstetric ultrasound.

How does Obstetric Ultrasound Work?  

The obstetric ultrasound provides an image of the fetus in a pregnant female’s womb by using sound waves. There are no side effects of this imaging technique because ionizing radiation is not used. Therefore, it is the most preferred choice for monitoring the unborn baby.

How Obstetric Ultrasound Works

It is pretty easy and safe to get an obstetric ultrasoundBritish Medical Ultrasound Society states that no preparation is required for this kind of scan. Wearing loose clothing can make the whole process a lot easier. Only the lower abdominal area of the patient needs to be exposed. 

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During the scan, the woman will lie on her back on an examination couch, and a gel will be applied directly to the abdomen. After that, the professional will move the transducer back and forth on the lower abdomen. The high-frequency sound waves will travel into the body after passing through the gel. As the sound waves enter the body, the transducer will collect the waves that bounce back, and the computer will utilize those waves to create an image. 

Benefits & Risks of Obstetric Ultrasound

Obstetric ultrasound comes with great benefits for a pregnant woman and her baby. One of its most significant advantages is that it shows the structure and movement of organs inside the body. Also, the growth of the baby and any defects in the development can be seen using this technology. Obstetric ultrasound can also reveal blood flowing through vessels. 

The ultrasound technology is safe for both mother and baby. Also, the woman will not experience any discomfort or pain during the scan. 

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Get Benefited from Obstetric Ultrasound

In short, obstetric ultrasound can reveal crucial information about pregnancy and the growth of the fetus. If you are pregnant, you should get an obstetric ultrasound according to your gynecologist’s recommendation.

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