There is no fixed time for your first gynecologist visit. For the girls who have not yet reached puberty, visiting a child specialist is fine. However, the girls who have gone through puberty should consult a gynecologist quite often to understand their reproductive health better. Routine gynecology visits are very beneficial for women because they can save you from severe gynecological conditions. 

This blog post explains important points that every woman must know before visiting a gynecologist for the first time. If you also have not yet seen a gynecologist, this topic is for you.

First Gyne Exam

According to the famous online portal, “Puberty is when your body goes from being a kid to an adult.” Though there may not be major changes externally, the internal organs in boys and girls go through significant changes during this transformation.

Here are important things to know before you visit your gynecologist for the first time:

  • Average Age To First See A Gynecologist: Experts usually suggest girls visit a certified gynecologist for the first time at the age of 13 to 15. This rule is for normal cases; you can visit earlier if you are experiencing any issues. It is necessary to maintain a healthy reproductive system and to avoid problems in the future. 
  • You Do Not Have to Feel Uncomfortable or Awkward: You are just like all the other females, and nothing new is happening to you. So feel confident and comfortable during your examination. Do not feel shy because you are just another patient with the same anatomy and genital morphology as your gynecologist.
  • You Can Take Someone Along With You: Though your doctor will be supportive and friendly, you can take a person with you if you still do not feel comfortable. Most gynecologists allow you to bring someone along during the examination.
  • What Happens During the First Exam? In general, the doctor will just ask some questions, view the appearance of your female parts, and may recommend taking some medical tests. Your blood pressure, weight, and height will also be measured.
  • Does it Include External Genital Exams? Yes, the first visit involves an external genital exam where a gynecologist will observe the anus, vulva, labia, clitoris, and vaginal opening.
  • Not Necessary to Shave or Wax Before Appointment: Removing the hair from your intimate area is not necessary. It is your personal choice; if you feel confident without hair, you can wax; otherwise, it is not compulsory. 
  • Your Information Will Be Kept Confidential: All your examination details will be kept confidential. Therefore, you do not have to worry.
  • You Can Ask Your Questions: Feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns. Your gynecologist will answer them to eliminate all your concerns.
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Are You Ready for Your First Visit?

Visiting a gynecologist only during the pregnancy is not a good approach. The first gynecology visit at a young age has several benefits for women. It allows them to find out any hidden problems that may lead to complications later in life. 

However, it is crucial to know the facts mentioned above as they help you prepare for the visit. If you are thinking of getting a gynecological exam, visit Euromed Clinic Center today. Our gynecologists are very professional and friendly. They make sure the patient feels comfortable during the exam and answer all your queries. You can book an appointment with our gynecologists by filling the form below or calling us.