Women go through different changes at different points in their life and it is necessary to seek professional help to avoid health risks. A woman needs to visit gynecologist regularly to avoid health risks. It is important to discuss how a routine gynecology visit can save you from big health problems.

This blog post explains why a woman needs to regularly visit her gynecologist.

If you are a woman who is conscious about her health, this topic is for you.

What is a Gynecology Visit?

A gynecologist is a medical doctor specializing in reproductive health of women. An obstetrician can be consulted in pregnancy only while gynecologist can diagnose and treat all manner of health issues faced by a woman. Girls who have not yet reached the puberty may consult a child specialist.

Routine Gynecology Visit

A gynecological visit refers to visiting a gynecologist for a medical checkup. During such examinations, the professional will first check the physical appearance of the private parts. Before the treatment, a nurse will check your weight, take your blood samples, and urine samples.

When Should You Start Seeing A Gynecologist?

It is a famous and important question that women ask all the time. “A girl should visit a gynecologist for the first time between 13 to 15 ages or after becoming sexually active, whichever comes first,” suggests American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

Do not have sexual intercourse or insert a douche 24 hours before your checkup. This is because any sexual activity or douching can irritate the vaginal tissues. If you have symptoms of a serious issue, the doctor can consider taking different diagnostic tests.

Why Gynecology Visit is Important?

Self-examination is also important but a routine gynecology visit every month is a good habit for women. It is always good to identify a health problem at an early stage.

It is important to mention that some serious issues do not have any apparent signs at early stages which makes it next to impossible for you to know if there is something wrong.

Whether you have an issue or not, visiting your Ob/Gyn on a regular basis is necessary.

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Staying Healthy All the Time

In the end, we can say that women should regularly visit a gynecologist to stay healthy. Do you need a routine gynecology visit? How can seeing your doctor regularly can help you avoid complications?

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