Women go through different phases at different points in their lives, such as puberty, menstrual cycle, and pregnancy. All these conditions involve reproductive organs in a female’s body. Therefore, regular visits to a gynecologist are necessary for women to avoid health risks. These visits help you to stay informed about your reproductive health and save you from severe health problems.

This blog post explains why a woman needs to visit her gynecologist regularly.

What is a Gynecology Visit?

A gynecologist is basically a medical doctor who specializes in female reproductive health. An obstetrician can be consulted in pregnancy only, while a gynecologist can diagnose and treat all types of health issues a woman faces. Girls who have not yet reached puberty may consult a child specialist.

Routine Gynecology Visit

A gynecological visit refers to visiting a gynecologist for a medical checkup. A nurse will check your body weight and blood pressure during the visit and might take your blood and urine samples. After that, the professional will start the physical examination of your private parts (vagina and anus). For this reason, they will ask you to undress and wear a gown that opens from the front. The doctor might also examine the reproductive organs from the inside.

Your gynecologist will also ask questions about your medical history, menstrual cycle, sexual activities, and birth control. However, do not have sexual intercourse or insert a douche 24 hours before your checkup. It is because any sexual activity or douching can irritate the vaginal tissues. If you have signs of a severe problem, the doctor may consider taking different diagnostic tests.

When Should You Start Seeing a Gynecologist?

It is an important question that women ask all the time. “A girl should visit a gynecologist for the first time between 13 to 15 years of age or after becoming sexually active, whichever comes first,” suggests the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Considering that, every girl who has hit puberty should start visiting a gynecologist to maintain good health.

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Why is a Gynecology Visit Important?

Self-examination is also essential, but a routine gynecology visit every month is more beneficial for women. It involves an expert who specializes in female reproductive issues and can diagnose problems at an early stage.

Some diseases do not have any apparent signs at early stages, making it impossible for you to know something is wrong. In such cases, you need professional help for accurate diagnosis. Therefore, whether you have an issue or not, visiting your gynecologist regularly is necessary.

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Staying Healthy All the Time

In the end, we can say that women should regularly visit a gynecologist to stay healthy. It helps you stay informed about your reproductive health and saves you from serious problems. You can visit Euromed Clinic Center for routine gynecological visits. Also, if you would like to get more details, one of our experts would love to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime to book your appointment session with one of our specialists.