It is hard for a female to live with a vaginal problem even if she is not sexually active or married. These issues can damage self-esteem, affect your sexual life and cause other issues. However, with different vaginal plastic surgery options available, many irregularities down there can now be fixed. Therefore, vaginal surgeries are becoming popular among women. They allow you to get the desired vaginal structure and restore your lost confidence.

Please continue reading to know why women need cosmetic vaginal surgeries and what benefits they have.

Importance of Private Parts

Private parts of the body are significant for both women and men. Any defect in these body parts can result in various functional and mental problems. For example, the vagina is one of the most crucial parts of the female body. It performs three main functions: providing passage for childbirth, menstrual blood, and receiving the penis during sex. Any problem in vaginal structure or function can lead to severe issues. Also, the women having vaginal issues report low self-esteem and decreased sexual pleasure. Therefore, vaginal plastic surgery aims to solve any problem related to the vagina.

Vaginal Cosmetic Surgeries

Gone is the time when females had to live with large labia or loose vaginas. It is now possible to get rid of such issues down there and live life to its fullest. Different types of vaginal cosmetic surgeries are available nowadays that correct various vaginal problems. Some options are becoming very popular among women due to their great benefits.

Vaginal surgery

Most women who opt for vaginal plastic surgery live an improved life with increased confidence. Let’s discuss the top three vaginal cosmetic surgeries.

  • Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is one of the rapidly growing vaginal plastic surgeries in the USA. As its name suggests, this procedure aims at making adjustments to labia in females. Some women naturally have huge labia, or it becomes large with time. Due to the large size, labia tend to cause problems during exercise and sexual intercourse. Therefore, labiaplasty surgery is performed in which the plastic surgeon trims the extra labia to give it a proper look.

  • Vaginoplasty

Due to childbirth and other activities, the appearance and texture of the vagina change significantly. The most common side effect of delivery is vaginal laxity or looseness that can be treated with vaginoplasty.  It involves making incisions and required adjustments to tighten the vagina. You should not worry about the risks and side effects because vaginoplasty has a higher success rate.

  • Clitoral Hoodectomy

You may already know what the clitoris is; it is located above the urethra and is about the size of a pea. It is known for enhancing sexual pleasure, but a larger than normal clitoral hood can cause trouble during sexual intercourse. The women with an oversized clitoral hood may also face difficulty while urinating. Therefore, a clitoral hoodectomy is used. It is a famous procedure that reduces the size of the clitoral hood and resolves urination problems.

Benefits of Vaginal Cosmetic Surgeries

Intimate cosmetic surgeries such as vaginal procedures have become very significant for women. They allow them to get the desired shape and appearance of the vagina. Also, women can now get rid of vaginal laxity caused by multiple childbirths. 

Furthermore, women who are happy with the shape or size of their labia can also get vaginal surgeries to improve them. It increases their confidence during sexual intercourse and enhances their pleasure during sex.

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