Achieving a symmetrical body contour has become a safe reality for those who are seeking to “correct” certain undesirable features.

For women seeking to improve the symmetry of their breasts or restore breast volume post weight loss, pregnancy, or breast cancer surgery- breast augmentation is the answer.

Breast augmentation in Dubai is a procedure designed to increase the size and/or alter the shape of your breasts through the use of safe breast implants or by fat transfer. It is the third most common procedure following liposuction and tummy tucks in the UAE.

Breast Augmentation & Reduction

What improvements can be made?

Breast augmentation surgery aims at altering the appearance of breasts through the following improvements:

  • It increases the size of smaller breasts
  • It improves the overall symmetry and contour of breasts
  • It makes the breasts firmer
  • It increases fullness and projection of breasts

What are the types of implants used?

There are two types of breast implants that are popularly used:

  • Saline: saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water (saline). In the event of an implant shell leak, a saline implant will collapse and the saline will be absorbed and naturally expelled by the body. Saline breast implants provide a uniform shape and firmness and are suitable for women who are 18 or older.
  • Silicone: silicone breast implants are filled with a silicone gel which feels a bit more like natural breast tissue. If the implant leaks, the gel may remain within the implant shell or may escape into the breast implant pocket. Thus with silicone implants, you will have to visit your plastic surgeon regularly to make sure they are functioning properly. Silicone breast implants are suitable for women who are 22 or older.

What does breast augmentation surgery involve?

The surgery can be done with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Once the incision is made, the surgeon creates a pocket into which the implant is inserted. The incision is made either on the breast folds, underneath the breast, or near the armpit.

Silicone implants are inserted pre-filled while saline implants are filled with saline solution after insertion.

Once the surgery is over, the patient can leave for the home the next day. However, the pain can be severe in the days to follow and will require appropriate medication.

What post-op steps should be taken after?

You will be required to wear a special bra for one month after surgery and should avoid any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for at least one month. Your breasts will remain swollen for several weeks as the implants settle down to their final shape.

Are breast implants safe?

Scientific research has revealed there’s no link between breast implants and autoimmune or other diseases. But it is important to consider the following:

  • Breast implants are not guaranteed to last a lifetime and future operations may be required to replace one or both implants
  • Weight loss, pregnancy, and menopause may influence the appearance of augmented breasts over the course of your lifetime

Am I the right candidate for breast augmentation?

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You may have lost volume and shape due to mastectomy or trauma to the chest
  • Your breasts have lost volume and shape due to pregnancy or significant weight loss
  • You are not suffering from any ailment that can hinder wound healing
  • You are not pregnant or breastfeeding

Is breast augmentation possible through fat transfer?

This is an option for women who are looking for just a small increase in breast size and would prefer more natural-looking results. Fat transfer breast augmentation uses liposuction to extract fat from other parts of your body and inject it into your breasts.

Is there also an option for breast reduction?

Many women also look to reduce or reshape the size of their breasts. With Breast Reduction surgery also known as Reduction Mammoplasty, some of the tissue from your breasts can be removed to reduce the volume.

Breast reduction surgery is suitable for those women who want to resolve issues such as:

  • Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Skin irritation under the breasts
  • Marks left on the shoulders from bra strap pressure
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • General discomfort during physical activity

Go big or go small with Euromed

A successful breast augmentation procedure includes giving each patient the body proportions they seek and is accomplished through careful consultation, taking into account each patient’s body and preferences.

At Euromed, a primary cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai, Dr. Thomas ensures just that. Belonging to a team of some of the best plastic surgeons in Dubai will get you to where you want to be!