The presence of unwanted fat in your body changes its shape, affecting your physical appearance. The stubborn fat deposits are can be tough to remove despite regular exercise and a healthy diet. Therefore, to get rid of such fats, you need specialized laser treatments to stimulate the process to deliver quick and effective results. Two such treatment procedures are known as Eximia and Laser Liposuction. 

Both treatments effectively remove fats from various areas of the body, giving you a perfect shape. But how are these procedures similar or different from each other. In this blog, we will compare both techniques to get the answer to this question. 

Eximia vs. Laser Liposuction

How does Eximia Treatment Work?

Eximia Slimming treatment is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that combines two advanced technologies to provide you with the desired contours. These technologies are termed as:

  • Laserporation and Micro Dermalift
  • Endoradiomag and Radioporation

Eximia combines low-frequency laser energy, radiofrequency energy, vacuum therapy, and vibrational therapy in one procedure. Therefore, it has taken the world by storm due to its revolutionary technology that melts away stubborn fats. It emulsifies fat pockets, reduces sagging, removes cellulite, and tightens the skin. You can get eximia treatment for the buttocks, thighs, belly, face, chest, arms, etc.

How does Laser Liposuction Work?

Laser liposuction is a less invasive substitute to traditional liposuction surgery. Also known as laser lipolysis, it removes excessive fats from the body using lasers. It does not involve mechanical force to suck fats; instead, it melts away the fats gently. In addition to this, laser liposuction can also tighten the skin using the heat produced by the laser. During the procedure, the fat melted by the laser is absorbed and naturally removed from the body. 

Eximia vs. Laser Liposuction

We have discussed how Laser Liposuction and Eximia treatment work. But now we will compare both the procedures to see how similar or different they are from each other. Mentioned below are some significant similarities and differences between the two procedures:


  • Both treatments are suitable for men and women.
  • Both fat loss treatments are safe and effective.
  • Both treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive.
  • Both can remove significant fat from localized body areas.
  • Both are short and easy to perform for a small body area.
  • Both options can be used to get slim and smart body figures.


  • Both techniques are based on different principles.
  • Laser liposuction involves laser technology only, but eximia is a combination of technologies.
  • The costs of both treatments are different.


Eximia and Laser Liposuction both treatments aim at removing unwanted fat from the body. If you want to get rid of excess fat, any of these treatments may help you. But which treatment is best suited for you? You can figure it out by consulting with an expert plastic surgeon. During the initial consultation, you will be able to discuss how these treatments work and how they will benefit you. So, pick your phone, dial our number and book your appointment with our surgeons. Alternatively, you can fill out our short online form to get in touch with us anytime.