Hair transplant might be a permanent and most effective surgical solution for hair regrowth, but it takes time to reveal final results. The time required for the results to appear after hair transplantation varies from patient to patient. However, the initial results start appearing within five months, but the final results can take a year. The appearance of results depends on many factors, such as your surgeon’s expertise and how well you recover post-surgery. 

This article discusses the time hair transplant takes to show results. We have divided the timeline into three stages so that you can understand the details easily.

Hair transplant

Early-Stage Results

The early-stage refers to the first two weeks after the transplant. During this phase, you will experience hair loss which is expected because the transplanted hairs are in shock. As a result of this shedding, a new hair structure will be created. From the initial two weeks to one month, you will not notice any drastic changes. 

Second Stage Results

The second stage revolves around the period four months after the hair transplant. During this time, the lost hairs start growing, but they cannot penetrate the scalp as they lack strength. This particular condition is known as Folliculitis. Some patients think of it as an infection, but it is not the case. The symptoms of Folliculitis subside within ten days.

Final Stage Results

The final stage is the time between four to eight months. At this stage, the transplanted hairs grow at a higher density.  At the start, the newly grown hairs will be brittle, thin, or less pigmented, but they will improve with the passage of time. It can take 12 to 18 months to see the final results. You get natural-looking results with the same thickness and pigmentation that you had before.

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Role of a Hair Transplant Surgeon

The surgeon plays a crucial role in the success of a hair transplant surgery. You will get the desired results only if a qualified and experienced surgeon performs the surgery. Otherwise, a poorly performed surgery can cause you a lot of harm. It not only damages your scalp but also costs you a lot of money. Therefore, always rely on a certified hair transplant surgeon.

Role of a Patient

Apart from the surgeon’s expertise, the nature of the final results will also be a product of the patient’s care. If you follow all the pre and post-procedure guidelines the surgeon provides, you will get the desired results with a smooth recovery.

The Final Verdict

From the facts mentioned above, it is clear that a hair transplant can show final results 12 to 18 months after the surgery. You need patience and determination to stick to the path shown by your surgeons. You will experience discomfort, but after 5-6 months, you will start observing noticeable results. Euromed® Clinic Center is the leading provider of hair transplants in the UAE. Our hair transplant experts know how to deliver the utmost and desired outcomes. If you are willing to get hair transplant surgery and want to know how long it would take to regrow hair after a hair transplant, visit our clinic. Please consult with our hair restoration surgeons today and start your journey to a head full of thick hair. Schedule your consultation now by calling us or filling our online form.