How Long Does Swelling Post-VASER Lipo Last & Is It Safe?

Recent research studies have revealed that an increasing number of UAE population is becoming overweight and obese due to a significant change in the diet and lifestyle. Due to this reason, the people are looking for fat removal methods such as VASER liposuction.

If you see the before and after pictures of VASER lipo, you will see a big difference in the body shape. It is a famous body contouring treatment and the recovery time is not long. Who can take VASER lipo in Dubai? This article discusses how long post-VASER lipo swelling last.

VASER Lipo Treatment

The word VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. To remove the excess body fat easily, the VASER technology is used to perform VASER liposuction in Dubai. The post-VASER lipo swelling in Dubai is not a big issue and there are ways to solve such problems.

A plastic surgeon performs it under local anesthesia. The treatment area will be numb and there will be no pain and discomfort. It has fewer side effects and there is no downtime. The patient will be able to continue the routine life after taking it.

VASER Liposuction Aftercare and Recovery

The patient will wear the compression garment right after the procedure. If the patient is feeling well (more likely), she or he will be able to go home or office. This compression garment provides support to the body plus it absorbs any leakage from the body. To be on the safer side, the surgeons suggest not removing this special dress for the next 24 hours.

VASER Lipo Treatment

The patient will experience low levels of blood pressure after removing it. So the patient should remove this dress after lying down on the bed, floor, or a couch to let the body restore to normal blood pressure before the person stands up. After spending 24 hours in the compression garment, the patient should have a shower to clean the body.

Be gentle during the shower and avoid pressing or touching the treatment site. The post VASER lipo swelling Dubai is common and it can be reduced through care. The surgeon will guide you about the other points to follow after VASER liposuction Dubai. Let’s discuss the swelling part.

Post-VASER Lipo Swelling

The patient may experience some swelling and bruising but it will not last long. In general, such side effects subside within a month. If the patient takes care of the treatment site in particular and the body in general, the early recovery will be possible. The experts at the Euromed Clinic Center make sure the swelling lasts for a short time.

Reasonable Rates and Financing Option

Please note that the Euromed Clinic Center charges a reasonable price for the VASER liposuction in Dubai. If you are still not able to pay for your treatment, our financing option will help you easily obtain a loan to cover the cost of this procedure. You will be able to pay back the loan in equal monthly installments. The best thing is; there is no markup or interest on this loan.

Book an Appointment and Get the Final Price

If you have stubborn unwanted fat in your body and you are searching for an easy way to remove it, look no further than the VASER liposuction Dubai. If you choose us, you need not worry about the post-VASER lipo swelling and pain.

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