Recent research studies have revealed that an increasing number of UAE population is becoming overweight and obese due to a significant change in their diet and lifestyle. Due to this reason, people are looking for fat removal methods. A variety of surgical and non-surgical fat reduction treatments are available, and one such treatment is known as VASER liposuction.

VASER liposuction is a famous body contouring treatment that comes with a short recovery time. It removes excess body fats and creates a drastic change in your body contours. However, the majority of the patients are still not familiar with the procedure. They want to know if VASER liposuction is safe and how long the swelling lasts after the procedure. Therefore, to answer these questions, we have decided to discuss VASER lipo in today’s blog.

What is VASER Lipo Treatment?

The term VASER is an abbreviation for “Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.” The VASER technology is used to remove the excess body fat in the VASER liposuction procedure. It is a less invasive kind of liposuction that involves sound energy.

A plastic surgeon performs VASER lipo under local anesthesia. The treatment area is numbed during the treatment to reduce pain and discomfort. Afterward, a special device is used to transmit ultrasound waves that remove the fat gently. Also, it has fewer side effects, and there is no downtime involved. The patient will be able to continue the routine life after getting the procedure.

VASER Liposuction Aftercare

If the patient is feeling well, they can go home or resume their usual activities soon after the treatment. They will be asked to wear the compression garment right after the procedure during the aftercare phase. This compression garment provides support to the body and absorbs any leakage from the body. To be on the safer side, the surgeons suggest not removing compression garments for the next 24 hours.

VASER Lipo Treatment

The patient might experience low levels of blood pressure while removing the compression garment. Therefore, you will be asked to remove the garment while lying down on the bed, floor, or couch to let the body restore the normal blood pressure before the person stands up. After spending 24 hours in the compression garment, the patient should take a shower to clean the body.

However, you should be gentle during the shower and avoid pressing or touching the treatment site. Your surgeon will provide you with some aftercare guidelines that you must follow to have the desired results. 

Post-VASER Lipo Swelling

The swelling after the VASER liposuction procedure is not a big deal and can be reduced through proper care. The patient may experience some swelling and bruising, but it does not last long. In general, such side effects subside within a month. If the patient takes good care of the treatment site and the body, early recovery is possible. An experienced and well-qualified surgeon makes sure the swelling lasts for a short time. 

Is it Safe?

Yes, VASER liposuction is a safe procedure and has been approved by the FDA. It causes minimal side effects as compared to traditional liposuction surgery.

The Final Words

If you have stubborn unwanted fats in your body and you are searching for an easy way to remove them, look no further than the VASER liposuction. It is an effective and minimally invasive technique to melt the extra fat. If you choose Euromed® Clinic, you do not have to worry about the post-VASER lipo swelling and pain. Our surgeons ensure the safety and comfort of patients. To book a VASER liposuction procedure or consult with our surgeons, please feel free to call us anytime. You can also fill the short online form to get in touch with us.