Sensual and fuller lips look aesthetically pleasing, especially among women. Women with naturally plump lips are considered lucky. However, it is not impossible for ladies to achieve the desired plumpness and fullness of the lips. Different techniques are now available in the market to provide the desired outcomes. Nowadays, many people with thin lips go for a lip augmentation treatment. Usually, the procedure comes with a short recovery time, but it also depends on the selected treatment technique. Since each technique has a different duration and recovery period, it also has a different price. Many patients do not know the exact lip augmentation cost in Dubai. So, we got information from our experts and wrote this piece of information for you.

Lip Augmentation Cost

Different factors affect the cost of lip augmentation in Dubai. Before the procedure, a doctor examines you, learns your expectations, and calculates these aspects to determine an exact amount. However, you should ask your doctor if all services are covered in this cost or you have to pay extra charges for any additional services.

Usually, factors that affect the lip augmentation cost include:

  • Scope of Treatment

The treatment cost depends on the specific treatment area. Usually, people augment either their upper lip or lower lip; however, both lips may also be augmented in some cases. As a result, the treatment cost will increase.

  • Treatment Technique

The price also changes, depending on which technique is chosen by you and your doctor. Usually, the selection of techniques depends on their availability in the clinic. For instance, at Euromed Clinic Center, we offer the following techniques at the average starting prices mentioned below:

  • Lip Augmentation = 1500 AED per syringe
  • Fotona 4D Lip Augmentation = 600 AED
  • Bullhorn Lip Lift = 10000 AED
  • Desired Results

The patient’s expectations with the results also affect the final price of the treatment. If they require excessive lip augmentation, the price will increase.

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  • Practitioner’s Expertise

If an expert plastic surgeon performs the procedure, he/she will charge more. However, if an amateur practitioner performs it, he/she will charge less.

  • Clinic’s Location

Another factor that affects the cost is the geographic location where you plan to get the lip augmentation treatment.

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How long does lip augmentation last?

Most patients are concerned about the longevity of the results of lip augmentation. Generally, the results depend on the technique selected for the treatment from lip fillers, fat transfer, or implants. Some other factors that affect the longevity of lip augmentation include your age, frequent touch-ups, additional procedures, and the provider’s expertise.

  • Fillers can last for 4-6 months on average. But if your body is thinner, they may last for even less time, as your body will metabolize the formula faster.
  • Your fat will be used in providing you with plump lips through fat injections. The procedure will last longer as compared to the fillers.
  • When it comes to implants, they are considered permanent.
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Consult an Expert

To reduce the onset of complications and know more about the procedure, you must consult an expert before the procedure. The initial consultation is compulsory for both the patient and the doctor. You can easily consult with our experts about the different treatment techniques as well as lip augmentation costs in Dubai. All you need is to fill the following form or give us a call, and our representatives will get back to you.