How To Remove Eye Bags Permanently?

Having sagging skin under your eyes is one of the common phenomena that happens to individuals all around the globe. If it is also happening to you, then you are not exceptional. It is considered as a sign of aging but lots of other causes (such as genetics & stress) may also serve as its reason. Different treatment plans are available to get rid of eye bags. Hence, your eye bags may appear again, so people are always in the search of how to remove eye bags permanently. The surgical procedure is an option to remove eye bags naturally. Finding out the reason for these eye bags as it will help you to get the best treatment.

Lots of topical creams and cosmetics are available to fulfill your needs but that is for a temporary basis. They may affect a little but if your problem is because of aging then these creams won’t help you. It is recommended to get the services of an expert plastic surgeon to remove eye bags. Yes, it is about getting an eyelid lift procedure that is also known as blepharoplasty. We have got information from our expert surgeons about this procedure and written this post so that you can get benefit from reading it. Continue reading to know more!

Permanent Plastic Surgery Solution

Blepharoplasty is the medical name of a surgical eye lift. This surgical procedure is common in cosmetic clinics all around the globe. If you really need a permanent solution, this is the only one. Removal of excess sagging skin is involved in this procedure. In addition to it, the fat deposit tightens loose muscles if there is the requirement. The necessary steps will be taken to improve the facial appearance of the upper face and eyes.

How To Remove Eye Bags Permanently With Surgery

Will It Remove All Aging Signs?

All aging signs aren’t removed with this procedure, hence you can use it with the combination of other procedures to get more benefits. For example, you may get it with chemical peels if you want to get rid of the discoloration of your skin. You should discuss your requirements and expected results with your surgeon to get a better suggestion.

How Is Procedure Performed?

Usually, an outpatient setting is made to perform the procedure. Local anesthesia is administered along with mild sedation if required. The incision is made with the crease of your lower eyelid just below your eyelashes. This incision is used to remove the excess fat and tighten your muscle. Also, extra skin excised away from the incision. After that, the sutures are made on the incision to shut it. Medical glue or soluble stitches are used.

The whole procedure of eye bag removal requires almost 2 hours. Furthermore, when it comes to the recovery, almost 1 month or more is enough for recovery. This time period is enough for you to return back to your normal routine.

Well, scheduling a prior consultation is recommended. This session will allow you to make a better decision for you. Our experts are always here to help you. During this session, you will need to discuss your issues with our expert, what you want to achieve, and your questions. In the end, you will have a good suggestion that will fulfill your requirements with the clarity of mind. We have made it easy for you to book a consultation with us. Simply fill the following form and one of our respondents will get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck!