Dubai is considered the world’s plastic surgery hub when we talk about cosmetic or aesthetic treatments. Plastic surgeons worldwide are moving to Dubai for their private practice because it is a safer and more attractive region for nip and tuck procedures. But nothing has happened overnight. The Government of the UAE and Dubai Health Authority have worked hard to attain this stature globally. The years of effort are involved in transforming Dubai’s health sector, and results are visible now. The medical tourism sector is booming in Dubai.

Liposuction is among the top 5 cosmetic procedures in Dubai and has a great demand. But is Liposuction in Dubai safe? 

We will answer this question with reasons to let you know that Dubai is safe for liposuction without any doubt. The information we provide will help you have a clear viewpoint regarding getting liposuction surgery in the UAE. Continue reading to know more about the topic.

Dubai World’s No. 1 Destination for Medical Tourism

Dubai stands at the No. 1 ranking whenever it comes to medical tourism. With more than 1.4 billion foreign visitors every year, Dubai tops the list of the world’s best destinations for medical tourism. The most common procedures that people get include dermatology and aesthetic treatments like liposuction, rhinoplasty, hair transplant, etc.

lipo safe in dubai

What Makes Dubai Safe for Liposuction?

Now let’s address the factors that make Dubai a popular and safe region for liposuction surgery. As mentioned above, the UAE government and DHA have implemented strict policies to ensure the safety of patients coming to Dubai for medical treatments.

DHA has recently issued new regulations for liposuction that are in accordance with international standards of safety. Let’s have a quick overview of the regulations.

  • Only general hospitals, specialty hospitals, and day surgical centers can perform liposuction surgery.
  • DHA-licensed specialists and consultant plastic surgeons can perform the procedure.
  • The surgeon must be assisted by two perioperative registered nurses while performing liposuction.
  • Liposuction should be limited to only 5000 ml of fat aspiration per surgery. It includes supernatant fat and fluids.
  • If more than 3000 ml of liposuction is needed, then a flexible catheter must be inserted.

Role of Regulations in Making Liposuction Safe

Several plastic surgeons believe that these regulations have created a win-win situation for both patients and surgeons. Defining the limit for fat extraction to 5 liters eliminates the risk of excessive fluid loss that can jeopardize the patient’s life. Thus, liposuction becomes 100% safe for people. The regulations set by DHA also help the surgeons adhere to the international safety standards for patients. 

In addition, replacing the metal tube with a flexible, sterile tube for fat extraction exceeding 3 liters is also a great step. It maximizes the safety of the patient. 

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