A number of individuals desire to improve the shape and size of their noses due to various reasons. There can be aesthetic reasons or functionality issues. People with a deviated septum can opt for rhinoplasty to solve breathing issues. At the same time, people with crooked noses can get treatment to improve the appearance of their noses. For individuals who want to invest in their looks, rhinoplasty is a safe and reliable procedure. However, rhinoplasty surgery comes with some surgery-related risks.

This article discusses if there is any risk-free way to perform a rhinoplasty procedure. Please continue reading to learn more.

The Impact of Nose on the Looks

The nose is one of the key features on the face that defines the way a person looks. For this reason, the nose has to be proportional with the other facial features to help you look great. Some nose defects are very noticeable and tend to take some excellent opportunities away and make you feel bad about the state of your nose. Therefore, the rhinoplasty procedure allows you to have the nose shape that you always dreamed of by enhancing the contours of your nose. Plastic surgeons can fix most nose defects using the rhinoplasty procedure.  

Risk-Free Rhinoplasty Procedure

What are the Risks of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery is an effective and permanent solution, but it is not risk-free. There are some risks and side effects associated with it which include the following:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Swelling
  • Poor wound healing 
  • Scarring
  • Infection 
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Problems in breathing 

Despite all these risks, the success rate of rhinoplasty surgery is high.

Is There Any Risk-Free Way For Rhinoplasty?

Here we would like to mention that rhinoplasty can also be performed non-surgically. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is also known as liquid rhinoplasty. This technique involves injecting fillers into the nose to change its structure and shape temporarily. Due to the non-invasiveness of liquid rhinoplasty, the risks that are associated with surgical rhinoplasty also minimize. In simple words, if you want to have minimal risk with rhinoplasty, opt for liquid rhinoplasty. The most common side-effect of liquid rhinoplasty is redness. However, the only drawback of a non-surgical nose job is that it offers temporary results.

Is Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty Safe?

The word ‘nose surgery’ might give you a scary feeling, but there is nothing to worry about. It is a safe treatment performed under local or general anesthesia so that the patient feels no pain and discomfort during the procedure.

The surgeon makes incisions inside the nostrils and below the nose tip to avoid visible scarring. In a typical dorsal hump removal rhinoplasty, the surgeon will remove little cartilage and bone to give the nose the right shape. If the nose is wide and rounded in the first place, it will be narrowed, and the tip will be refined by the rhinoplasty surgeon.

The Final Words

There are two techniques that are used to perform the rhinoplasty procedure. The surgical technique has few risks associated with it, whereas the non-surgical approach is less risky. So, if you want to get a nicely shaped and proportional nose with less to no risks, opt for liquid rhinoplasty. At Euromed® Clinic Center, our surgeon works closely with the patients to eliminate their nose defects for improved function and appearance. 

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