Sushruta is considered one of the earliest surgeons as per the recorded history (600 B.C.). He is known as the first person who has introduced plastic surgery. He was born almost 150 years before Hippocrates. He provided primary principles of the plastic surgery. We can get this information from his popular ancient book ‘Sushruta Samhita’ 1, 2 in 600 (B.C.). He has made lots of outstanding contributions in the field of aesthetic surgery. Have a look at these contributions to broaden your understandings.

Contributions in Plastic Surgery

Sushruta Samhita and Plastic Surgery11

Following is a list of the contributions that Sushruta has made in the field of plastic surgery. Have a look!

  • Cheek flap for reconstructing earlobe.
  • Using an awl or needle to pierce children’s earlobe.
  • Classification of burns into 4 degrees. Also, an explanation of the effects of lightning injuries, frostbite, and heat stroke.
  • Repairing congenital cleft lip and accidental lip injuries.
  • Needles of bone or bronze (triangular bodied, two finger-breadths wide & straight, circular, and three finger – breadths wide).
  • Utilizing wine to reduce pain when the surgical procedure is performed.
  • Systematic dissection of cadavers.
  • Utilizing leeches to keep wounds safe and make them free of blood clots.
  • Utilizing suture materials of silk, hair, tendon, and bark.
  • 14 kinds of the bandaging used to cover the wound. These bandages are used to cover almost all areas of the body. Different kinds of the medicines are used to make dressings.
  • He has described 20 types of sharp instruments that are known as ‘sastra’.
  • He has described 101 kinds of blunt instrument that are known as ‘yantra’ and also explained the techniques of their use.
  • He has provided the operations of inanimate objects, for example, clay plots, watermelons, and reeds. They are used to perform the practice.
  • He has classified the defects of the ear lobe that may happen as a result of an injury. Also, he has provided the methods to repair the defected earlobes. Diverse 15 types of the treatments have provided.
  • Also, he has provided a code of ethics for both students and teachers.

His contributions are not limited to this list only, but he has also made remarkable contributions to allied fields. He took the surgery to the heights in India when. Now, he is known all over the world due to his outstanding contributions to the field of aesthetic surgery. He is known as the ‘Father of Indian plastic surgery’ or ‘Father of Indian surgery’.

All of his contributions, pictures of the surgeries, and other details prove him a great and experienced surgeon. He has also faced failures, but still, he did not lose hope and focused on the deformities and diseases. He has provided logical methods with reasoning. When the path did not exist, he made one.