Everyone possesses a unique essence of beauty. Thin lips reflect beauty for some, while others opt for Barbie doll lips. However, there is also Russian lip filler technique, that the majority of people choose to shape their lips into a subtle heart shape, like a Russian doll. If you believe, like me, that Russian Lips epitomise beauty, raise your hand. 

Keep reading to learn about the Russian Lips Technique, its differences from Traditional Lip Filler Techniques, and why the Russian Lips Filler technique is better than the normal lip filler technique.

Understanding the Russian Lip

The Russian Lip style is characterized by a top lip that is fuller and a bottom lip that is less prominent, lending a heart-shaped appearance to the lips. One thing to keep in mind is Lip shapes can vary greatly among individuals, and not all individuals with Russian ancestry have this specific lip shape.

What is Russian Lip Filler?

Russian Lip Filler is a cosmetic procedure wherein the practitioner injects dermal fillers into the central part of the lips, raising the upper lip and reducing the prominence of the lower lip, resulting in a V-shaped curve towards the chin. This style of lip augmentation, popular in Russia and now globally, led to the coining of the term “Russian Lip Filler”.

Key Differences Between the Russian Lip Technique and Traditional Lip Filler

The “Russian Lips” technique refers to a specific method of administering lip fillers to achieve a sharp, contoured look. Here are some fundamental differences between the Russian Lip and Traditional Lip Filler techniques:

The difference in the Appearances

The Russian Lip technique concentrates more filler in the center of the lips, with lesser amounts towards the corners. In contrast, the traditional technique distributes the filler evenly across the lips, increasing the chance of a “duck lip” appearance.

Quantity of Filler

The Russian Lips technique typically uses less filler than a standard procedure as the focus is on reshaping the existing lip tissue rather than adding significant volume. However, the amount of filler used in any technique should be determined based on individual assessment and desired outcomes.

Expertise Required

Not all cosmetic practitioners are equipped to perform the Russian Lip Filler technique. It necessitates specialized knowledge and skill to avoid complications and deliver the desired look. As for normal lip filler technique, it also requires knowledge, training, and expertise to ensure safety and efficacy. However, not every normal lip filler practitioner can perform a Russian Lip filler procedure. 

Migration of Filler

With Russian Lips, if performed correctly, the filler stays where it was injected for a specific period of time. 

Potential Risks

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are risks involved, including infection, asymmetry, or dissatisfaction with the result. In the case of the Russian Lips technique, there is also a risk of lip tissue damage due to the specific injection method used. Hence, it is essential to choose a qualified professional for the procedure.

Duration of Results

The results of this Russian lip last approximately 6-12 months depending on the individual’s metabolism, the type of filler used, and how their body processes it. However, in some cases, the results of traditional lip filler procedures do not last as long compared to the Russian Lip technique.


If you’re contemplating lip filler, you may want to consider the Russian lip filler technique. However, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified and experienced cosmetic practitioner who can discuss your goals, the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure, and any potential risks or complications.

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