What is cognitive behavioral therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps individuals establish and alter thinking and behavior patterns that square measure harmful or ineffective, substitution them with a lot of correct thoughts and useful behaviors. It will facilitate someone concentrate on current issues and the way to resolve them. It typically involves active new skills through out the world.

This therapy may be useful in treating a spread of disorders, as well as depression, anxiety, trauma connected disorders, and intake disorders. For instance, Cognitive behavioral therapy will facilitate someone with depression acknowledge and alter negative thought patterns or behaviors that square measure tributary to period of time.



What are its techniques for depression treatment?

  • Cognitive rehearsal:

When a person is close to some kind of fear and phobias he would definitely avoid doing that thing which would in return leave him with the depression and anxiety disorder. Same here is the case of cognitive rehearsal technique which specifically being used to prevent the patient from being afraid of such phobias and fears. This therapy is done when a psychotherapist is in contact with his patient and talk to him about the cause of his depression. He would then advise him some tasks which would take away all the fear and depression treatment from patient suffering from psychotic disorder.

It can be taken as an example of a person who feels insecure when he gets out of his house, his experience feelings of being trapped and injured. In respective case, cognitive rehearsal therapies will provides him with the thought provoking environment to help him to eliminate his fear which drowns him into depression.

  • Validity testing:

Validity testing is also on e of the technique of cognitive behavioral therapy which deals with patients who suffer from depression because of some facts that they think are true but they actually not. A kind of depression in which someone thinks that he has done something bad or that he or she is not enough compatible to do certain things. Such issues can be avoided through validity testing in which the psychiatrist would ask the patient all the reasons which makes them together the negative thoughts in his or her mind and then prove that what he or she thinks is not right or accurate.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques Used For Depression

Just like a person who thinks that he is not doing his work well or he do not have enough energy to perform his duties will suffer from depression and negativity. Validity testing will assure him that he is the right candidate and persuade him to think positive about himself and ensures the self believe in him.

  • Journaling:

A technique of cognitive behavioral therapy known as journaling is believed to be the kind of catharsis of patient which he do in a sense of writing.  A person will feel that he is not able of do any kind of stuff for example reading or writing or he thinks that he lacks in confidence and if he has poor communication skills so he would automatically get into depression. Journaling will help him to get out of this situation and therapist will ask him to pen down his thoughts. When all of patient’s negativity will come out in terms of writing, called as journal he would feel fresh and stress free. Therefore, this technique will help him in depression treatment.