Mental illness has become one of the common reasons for problematic behaviors among people. Individuals with mental disorders feel depressed, stressed, and anxious, damaging their physical and psychological health. It can be hard to diagnose what is wrong with you or why you are feeling depressed. That is why professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists are available to help you.

Usually, people find it confusing whether they need to visit a psychiatrist or a psychologist. They do not know the difference between them and think of them as the same. Although there are some similarities between psychology and psychiatry, they have some crucial differences as well. The primary difference lies in education, training, and practice. To help you out, we have decided to list the major differences between psychologists and psychiatrists in this blog.

Psychiatrist Vs. Psychologists

Let’s look at some parameters which we will use to compare psychiatrists and psychologists. 

Educational Difference

Psychiatrists get special training in assessing, diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental illnesses. Students first earn an undergraduate degree from a medical university to become psychiatrists.

After completing their medical training, they complete a 4-year residency training that involves working in the psychiatric unit of a hospital. Psychiatrists also have to work with various patients ranging from children to adults with behavioral problems, emotional difficulties, or psychiatric disorders.


On the other hand, psychologists must obtain a doctoral degree that can take four to six years. Psychologists study personality growth, the history of psychological issues, and psychological research science throughout their education. Graduate schools prepare individuals for a career in psychology by teaching them how to identify mental and emotional problems in different situations. After graduate school, psychology students must complete an internship that lasts between one to two years.

Treatment Difference

A psychiatrist can prescribe medications, and they spend much of their time with patients on medication management as a course of treatment. 

Psychologists on the other hand focus extensively on psychotherapy and behavioral intervention to treat emotionally and mentally suffering patients. Psychologists are also authorized to perform psychological testing, which is critical to assess a person’s mental state and determine the most effective treatment course.

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Treatment Modules

Psychiatrists can offer a wide range of treatments related to the human psyche and behavioral sciences. Their treatment domain includes the following modules:

However, psychologists are more likely to treat people with behavioral problems, learning difficulties, depression, and anxiety. All these conditions can be helped effectively with psychological treatments. 

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Key Takeaways 

Although psychiatrists and psychologists seem similar, they are not. They differ in terms of education, training, and treatment procedures. Psychiatrists are allowed to prescribe medicines, whereas psychologists utilize psychotherapy and behavioral treatments only.  If you are searching for a psychiatrist to get professional help regarding mental disorders, visit Euromed Clinic Center. Our psychiatrists are well-qualified and highly skilled. You can book a consultation with them by filling in the form or calling us.