What is Psychiatric Disorders?

Psychiatrists tend to treat people who need their medical, psychological and social needs considered. These people can provide with a wide range of treatments in the field of human physic and behavioral sciences. According to a Psychiatrist in Dubai, their treatment domain include following modules:

  • General medication
  • including checking your physical health and the effects of medication
  • psychological treatments
  • Brain stimulation therapies
  • severe depression
  • schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder.

Psychologists are more likely to see people with conditions that can be helped effectively with psychological treatments. This might include behavioral problems, learning difficulties, depression and anxiety.

Psychologists focus extensively on psychotherapy and treating emotional and mental suffering in patients with behavioral intervention. Psychologists are also qualified to conduct psychological testing, which is critical in assessing a person’s mental state and determining the most effective course of treatment.

Depression-a psychiatric disorder:

One of the major psychiatric disorders is depression usually caused by mental sickness that is a result of negative affects on your mental and psychical situation that how you feel and what others make you feel in particular circumstances. Depressive disorder, particularly deals with feelings of grief, sadness, and lack of interest in one’s surroundings. It usually occurs when a person feels nothing towards his environment and the happenings around him. He totally feels isolated. All of the emotional and psycho problems are combined to make a patient depressed and down. Due to depression, persons feel loss of interest in his work and also he won’t feel comfortable with his family as well.

Depressive patients are likely to develop fits and they actually become aggressive in some cases. They consider themselves totally isolated and that they are about to end their life as they find no sense of enjoyment and happiness in it.

Symptoms of depression:

Below enlisted are few of the symptoms of depression that shows how these feelings appear. If these symptoms and signs appear for more than two weeks then it is clear that a person is suffering from depression disorder and that he needs Psychiatrist in Dubai. These symptoms are:

  • Feelings of sadness and grief
  • Lack of interest in life
  • Changes in body and loss of appetite
  • Restlessness
  • Slow psychical movements and conversation with one own self
  • Not be able to make decisions
  • Down and dull appearances
  • Attempt to suicide

How it can be treated?

It is commonly observed that women are more likely to develop this psychiatry disorder as compared to men. Almost every woman in her life faces these feelings of depression once. After properly diagnoses of this problem through various symptoms, now the second step is to start the treatment. A Psychiatrist in Dubai in this regard will be very helpful. He would initiate the treatment by psychical and mental examination. He will probably arrange sessions with the patient to engage with him in conversation to check his mental condition. He would first make sure that this depression is due to some medications or some mental stress. Then accordingly he will treat his patient.

A psychiatrist will check if the depression is at first stage and not very serious then he will prescribe medicines including anti-depressant and tranquilizers. If they work, patient would not be needed any kind of therapy sessions. But if in case, the problem is serious then the psychiatrist must have to arrange psychotherapy sessions. He will be conversant with the patient in these sessions and treat him or her accordingly.

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